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Social Media Presence

The Artisans Haven is a unique website featuring artists, artisans, and local businesses. There are collaborations with corporates, on-site & online events, regular features on Facebook, Facebook LIVE, Instagram, Tik Tok music videos, LinkedIn, Blogs, UnBoxing, and other press & social media.

Working With Corporates

We work with corporates to promote our tenants' artisanal products and services. It is our role to organize these collaborations to promote our tenants and their products.

SHOP Artisans

SHOP Artisans is our own e-commerce enabled solution to help tenants sell their products. Buyers get to earn Bonuslink points for their purchases. There is also Buy Now Pay Later Options.

Tenants can also opt to set up their own e-commerce accounts at a fixed fees, to offer unlimited products for sale.

Hear from Tenants

Hear what tenants have to say.


The Artisans Haven is active on social media, as of 30th April 2021: https://www.artisanshaven.com.my/tenant_benefits/social_media_presence

  • All-time view count of over 150K

  • Over 30K views monthly

  • Over 10K unique users monthly

  • Over 250K reach on Facebook monthly

  • Combine followers of more than 200K

  • Regular press and social media coverage

  • Consistent posting at The Artisans Haven Facebook to showcase tenants' brand stories and products.

We work with corporates to promote our tenants' artisanal products and services. It is our role to organize these collaborations to promote our tenants and their products. To date, we have Memories with Maybank, My Digi Rewards, The Artisan’s Hand with Petron, Extra Mile with Plusmiles and Health is Wealth with Public Bank. https://www.artisanshaven.com.my/tenant_benefits/working_with_corporates

We have an e-commerce-enabled platform SHOP Artisans to help tenants sell their products at https://market.artisanshaven.com.my/

Get Your Own e-commerce

This Offer is Currently Unavailable

Tenants can also opt to sign up independently with Volservers for its e-commerce solution, at RM600 per annum, subject to change. The e-commerce solution is provided and contracted by Volservers. In today’s world, e-Commerce has disrupted the traditional shopping experiences and created new expectations and opportunities for growth.  Meet the expectations of modern customers by providing a strong and easy-to-use experience for buying Artisanal goods. This all-in-one e-Commerce platform holds powerful features that can readily meet and enhance your customers’ shopping experience.

  • Unlimited Products – You may upload as many products and services you would like to sell on TAH marketplace. Other e-Commerce platforms charge based on every new listing or a maximum number of products depending on the category

  • Unlimited Voucher Creation – you may create unlimited vouchers to cater to your loyal customers to encourage them to continue purchasing from you. Providing promos and vouchers can increase the chances of converting window shoppers to actual customers too. You are free to choose from percentage or round number discounts.

  • B2B2C Ready – you can use the platform to connect with your existing B2B customers to purchase directly via TAH e-Commerce. Therefore, simplifying your order process for business customers which may be your appointed resellers or distributors.

  • Loyalty Program – you may create loyalty programs for your own base of loyal customers. You decide on how you would like to design the programs. One of the programs that we have is tenants may reward their loyal customers by grouping and selecting those eligible customers for certain vouchers.

  • Secured Payment Gateway – this allows your customers to pay using a credit card, debit card or online bank transfers. Our trusted payment gateway provider will manage all your sales and refund transaction and ensure all transactions are up to date. Let us manage the hassle while you focus on business.

  • Onboarding Guidance – too much to understand? The Volservers and TAH team will assist you on your digital onboarding journey. On top of that, our team will ensure your products and services look the best while providing the best online customer shopping experience

  • To subscribe, click MARKETPLACE at www.artisanshaven.com.my and log in as MERCHANT


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