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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does your platform help market my products and services?

We list your products and services on our digital mall and promote awareness of your brand & products through the social media and various collaborations.


2. What is the number of monthly views on TAH?

After 6 months, The Artisans Haven's website has 20,000 unique views per month. On Facebook, The Artisans Haven reaches out to 500,000 social media users.


3. What is the feedback like for existing tenants?

We have encouraging responses from many of our tenants for our efforts to showcase their products regularly on social media and the press.


4. Is there a report to track shoppers' visits?

Yes, we will send this report to you, if available, on a monthly basis.


5. How frequently can we update our product photos and information on The Artisans Haven?

You may update your products with us once a month. Ad hoc updates can be arranged. Just email us at and provide us with the necessary details.


7. What is the demographic of visitors/shoppers on TAH?

We don't take any percent commission of the sales and/or track sales and as such don't have demographics of visitors or shoppers.


8. Will the rental rate go up?

If the rental for existing tenants is changed, we will inform our tenants with 3 months’ notice. There are no changes to the rental for existing tenants, at this point in time. The rates for the new tenancy have been revised.


9. How many tenants are there on TAH?

We started with 30 tenants, and after 6 months, we have 150. As of 2023, we have over 900 registered tenants.


10. How often does TAH have campaigns and promotions?

TAH conducts campaigns and promotions twice (2) every month.


11. How does payment for my products and services work. Do customer pays TAH or me?

Customers pay directly to you or your online payment gateway. TAH does not collect any payments on your behalf and does not take any commissions from your sales.

If your product is purchased via our e-commerce marketplace, there is a 3.18% fee charge applies per order.


12. Do we have to notify TAH if we decide not to renew the tenancy?

Yes, please.



We currently offer two types of packages of tenancy:

  • 12 Months - RM365

  • 14 Months - RM400


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