Nikki Muruku Ikan

Nikki Muruku Ikan 300g

Suitable size to share with the entire family!

RM 18.00

Nikki Muruku Ikan 160g

Small, cute and easy to carry anywhere!

RM 10.00

Nikki Muruku Ikan 360g

Suitable size to share during special occasions.

Original price: RM20

RM 15.00

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Company: Nikki Muruku Ikan
Founder: Nikki

Take a big crunchy bite into your favourite savoury snack – Nikki Muruku Ikan! Made with genuine fish powder and conveniently packaged into different serving sizes for you and your loved ones to enjoy, Nikki Muruku Ikan brings back everything we loved about this popular local snack, with an extra scrumptious and healthy twist – it is completely MSG-free. Satisfy your cravings when you follow Nikki Muruku Ikan at facebook.com/Nikki.Murukuikan.


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