Sambal Udang Kering

Yummylicious, flavourful, and rich with premium ingredients which never fail to tickle the taste buds from the young to the old. MyGranny’s Sambal Udang Kering recipe which has been passed down from 4 generations is here for you to savour.

Weight per bottle: 185gms

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RM 20.00

Nutty Indulgence

A delicious mixture of toasted nuts coated with a sweet sticky mixture baked until golden brown.
Weight per bottle: 255gms (+10gms) for RM25.00

Spicy Chivda
A nice trail mixture of sweet and spicy flavours which will leave your taste buds craving for more.
Weight per bottle: 285gms (+10gms) for RM28.00

Murukku / Achu Murukku (Kuih Rose)

Addictive, crunchy, savoury and sweet, you will never just stop at 1 piece with this snack!

Achu Murukku (Original): RM40/bottle of 85 pcs (+-5 pcs)
Achu Murukku (Sesame): RM45/bottle of 85 pcs (+-5 pcs)
Murukku: RM30/bottle of 60 pcs (+-5 pcs) .

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Company: MyGranny’s Foods
Contact Person: Mindy Jassal

Tired of fast food deliveries and takeaway orders? Craving homemade comfort food to keep you company through the endless days spent at home? Well, MyGranny’s Foods has got you covered! Using only premium ingredients and generations-old recipes, satisfy your taste buds with their bestselling Sambal Undang Kering and tasty snacks such as Florentines and Murukku. Stay updated by following MyGranny’s Foods on Facebook (facebook.com/mygrannysfoods).


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