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Best dark chocolate snacks

We make the yummiest and wittiest chocolate and healthy snacks

Female brand championing positive mental health!


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Introducing Cherita Chocolate - a meaningful and enjoyable healthy chocolate snacks infused with Malaysian flavours. Proudly using locally grown beans, Cherita Chocolate hightlights the amazing effects of dark chocolate to uplift our moods and will continue its mission to spread love, positivity on women strengths & championing mental health.

Celebrate the luxurious taste of Malaysian flavours, beautifully blended into the richness of real cocoa beans only with Cherita Chocolate’s range of artisanal chocolate snacks. Founded and created by women, for women, Cherita Chocolate infuses local ingredients, such as Gula Melaka, coconut crumbles, natural molasses sugar and more into their products, perfect for the health-conscious shopper of the 21st century.


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