Batik Weekly Planner Series

Designed to inspire your senses with distinctive handcrafted batik prints reproduced on strong, crisp paper. You’ll love the side pocket slots on each booklet, great for slotting in name cards, notes and holding the next book. This glorious batik-inspired weekly planner is designed for the stylish, distinctive you.

RM 13.90

The Vif Planner

The Vif Planner is your key to painting your ideas of life that is filled with boundless possibilities. Your life is in your hands and let it dictates the path that will lead you to the actualization of your dreams. “Paint” powerful and clear images of your mind. Write down any plans or ideas with actionable details in pages that boast versatility to fit your needs. For those quick witted inspirations, you may want to put them in a pocket pad that compliments the planner. Rather than seeing the planner as a simple tool, see it as that “very intimate friend”. It will be the planner that sticks with you through trials and hardship on your journey of life.

RM 149.90

Graceful Festive Raya Packet

Old Is Gold! A season to celebrate the Classics. Love and positive vibes come together in abundance.

The special collection draws inspiration from poets, writers and artistes who have always lauded these symbols of angelic beauty, heroinism and aesthetic demeanour. These are available in four elegant designs which will definitely evoke happiness and gratitude for both giver and receiver.

RM 19.90

Panache Clutch Journal

Pair style and sensibility into a trendy journal encased in stain-resistant fabric cover, secured with a gold eyelet and 2 sturdy bands. Panache Clutch Journal stores your choice of inserts. It's the trendy clutch that is designed to complement your lifestyle and productivity needs!

RM 46.90

Serenity Nostalgia Raya Packet

Nostalgia for these unique Malay traditional motifs has inspired this festive collection which is a reflection of the splendour and beauty of aesthetical elements that adorn many traditional Malay artforms. These designs are not merely objects of beauty but stay true to its philosophy of being in harmony with the surrounding environment while heightening the sense for peace and tranquility.

RM 24.90

Aamanee Eid Festive Raya Packet

The Aamanee Eid series is lovingly created with a series of elegant arabesque geometric patterns. These are presented in a rich array of terracotta fusion colours to create a symbiosis of form, style and functionality. Perfect for a season of love, sharing and caring during Hari Raya and even for other celebrations at any time of the year.
Seal your thoughtful gift with the cool origami-style bookmark slot which slides perfectly into the pocket. Easy to use. No sticky glue needed. These can be even be recycled after use as creative bookmarks to spice up your reading pleasure.

RM 19.90

Hand Drawn Abstract Wrapper

The set provides large-sized gift wrapping papers that will give your gift a pretty look! Besides using this as gift wrap, you can also use it as a table mat, decorate your home goods, make book covers and so much more!

RM 25.90

Aspirational Weekly Planner

No matter where you are now, all great achievements start with a small single step. With this planner, we would like to encourage you to break down each task at hand into micro tasks. Instead of taking a big leap, approach with small baby steps and set reachable goals. Build on your self-confidence as you conquer each small challenge. Gradually move towards your goals by constantly taking a step back and review each progress. It’s never too late to change from the original set paths, there may be room for further improvements here and there.

RM 89.90

Gift Wrappers

Malaysia's rich heritage comes to life in this series of luxe wood-free gift wrapping paper. Experience the moment.

This book comes complete with 12 sheets of eccentric designs printed on luxe wood-free paper that foldout to 654mm x 480 mm. Just tear the wrappers along the perforations and unfold them, it's ever ready to wrap on a gift.

Embrace Malaysia’s rich heritage with this glorious selection of gift wrappers inspired from our rich culture and natural landscapes. Wrap and unveil amazing vibes!

RM 36.90

The Quintessential Series

The Quintessential Series is the latest addition to our list of essential work organiser range of products. Comprising 3 main products, namely a Desktop Weekly Planner, an easy carry Notebook and a handy Notepad. The series pays homage to classic elegant designs with modern simplicity.

The Quintessential Series is made using the finest of European materials with premium finishing to exert the classic aesthetic feel. It is available in four specially selected colors; Lilac White, Ebony Black, Midnight Blue and Scarlet Maroon.

Price: RM19.90 - RM49.90

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It doesn’t matter if it’s a birthday, Christmas, or even just a random act of kindness - there’s just something special about receiving a gift that simply warms one down to the core. If you’ve noticed a loved one feeling down or going through a rough time, perhaps you can brighten up their day by giving them a surprise in the form of one of VIVE’s delightful, one-of-a-kind paper stationery products.

From dreamy, pastel-coloured journals, to efficient and functional planners, VIVE is bound to have something that complements all sorts of personalities and lifestyles. A great example of their versatility can be seen when comparing their Mermaid collection, a magical, vibrant set of notebooks and planners, to their Signature collection, a minimalistic yet tasteful series of journals. In addition to that, creative souls can pick and mix their very own personalised journal cover and its content with VIVE’s CREATION HAVEN.

Besides paper products, you’ll also be able to find stationery, such as dual brush pens and greeting cards, as well as customisable tote bags and shirts on offer at VIVE. Under its SHARITY initiative, Charity Through Gift Sharing, kind-hearted buyers looking to make a change could also browse certain notebooks and stationery that, upon purchase, will donate part of its proceeds to the National Zoo or Malaysia Nature Society.

Like most good things in life, VIVE first began as a little seed of an idea, and over the years, blossomed into the brand it is today. Focusing on creating products that reflect responsible thought and lifestyles, the word ‘vive’, and variations ‘viva’ and ‘vivat’, can be translated from many different languages to the same meaning, that is to live.

Find out more about VIVE at vive.com.my and on their Facebook and Instagram pages at facebook.com/vive4u, instagram.com/vive4u and instagram.com/Papeleria_by_VIVE/ respectively. Alternatively, you could also pay them a visit at their physical flagship store, PAPELERIA By VIVE on the third floor of Starling Mall in Damansara Utama.


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