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SAMBAL LAUT Original 280ml

We’re TWO DADS and we make salted fish sambal called SAMBAL LAUT. The ingredients we use are two types of salted fish (ikan Talang & ikan Mayong), cili padi, ginger, garlic and pure vegetable oil.

No sugar, no belacan and no preservatives.

It goes really well with porridge, white rice, noodles, sandwiches and many more dishes.

RM 28.00

SAMBAL LAUT Level Neraka 120ml

What we have here is Level Neraka, a sambal that surely packs a punch. We dare say it’s like a party in your mouth (and lips) when you accompany this SAMBAL LAUT Level Neraka with your every meal.

RM 18.00

SAMBAL LAUT Original 120ml

Here’s a smaller size of our SAMBAL LAUT Original at 120ml. A good size to bring along with you when you’re out for a meal. Just place it in your handbag and you’re all set to go. Also a good size to be given as a gift to family, friends, neighbours or even workmates.

RM 16.00

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Company: Two Wives Empire (Brand: Two Dads)
Contact Person: Sherizan Shahadan

It’s time to turn up the heat and spice up your meals with Two Dads’ exceptional Sambal Laut! Blending together a simple yet mouthwatering assortment of ingredients, such as salted fish, bird’s eye chilli (cili padi), aromatic garlic cloves and more, Sambal Laut is solid proof that delicious treats don’t always need the addition of sugar or preservatives. Try out their Original or Level Neraka Sambal Laut today, and follow them at facebook.com/TwoDads.KL for more information!


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