Brazillian Wax

We use imported low temperature wax from France to completely remove hair whilst being gentle on the skin.

It has the best exfoliating impact, lowers the risk of rashes, ingrown hairs, and infections. Most importantly, it creates a sanitary atmosphere for women.

RM 45.00

Underarm Laser7 Hair Removal

Laser7 is a permanent hair removal treatment. It takes 7-10 sessions to obtain a hair reduction outcome of 80-90%. At the same time, this treatment will lighten pigmentation, eliminate ingrown hair, and brighten your skin tone.

RM 47.00

Pha Peeling Facial Skin Resurfacing

4 sessions to notice a substantial change. There are no extractions and no downtime with this facial.

To properly exfoliate, use organic acid. Combine with active substances to efficiently rejuvenate skin cells, promote collagen, and achieve excellent brightening, pigmentation lightening, wrinkle reduction, and pore minimization.

RM 119.00

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Company: Bare and Gorgeous
Contact Person: Jayee Teoh

Step out with confidence when you sign up for Bare and Gorgeous’ hair removal treatments! There’s no better feeling than to feel beautiful in your own skin, and with the help of Bare and Gorgeous’s bestselling Laser7 Hair Removal treatment, you’ll be guaranteed a quality hair removal experience unlike any other. Other provided services include waxing, Laser7 Pigmentation and PHA Facials, so book your appointment at dewaxhaus.com today!


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