Durian Egg Roll

Durian has a strong taste and the egg rolls are very fragrant and it is a perfect match.
The rind is soft with durian filling.
The taste is crisp and then is soft, it is like discovering a new and interesting method of eating durian.
It can’t be forgotten forever.

RM 19.90

Durian Pillow Biscuit

Durian filling was poured into the pillow biscuit and it was very satisfying to have a family feeling.
Because pillows are the warmest items in the home.
Durian Pillow Biscuit, especially recommended for you!

RM 19.90

Durian Pralines Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate tastes rich and full-bodied with a bitter taste.
The sandwich durian fillings sprout from deep cocoa aromas and quickly invade your taste buds.

RM 25.00

Freeze Dried Durian

There is a kind of durian if you taste it, you will be amazed, it’s Musang King!
Musang King flesh is dry, its skin is wrinkled, its taste is sweet and bitter, or it has a scent of wine.
It is the best of durian. Durian Freeze Dried has preserved its original flavor, just like eating fresh Durian.

RM 36.00

Musang King Teh Tarik

Teh Tarik is the Malay word for “Pull Tea”, a widely popular breakfast drink that combines tealeaves, sugar and milk.
Teh Tarik originated from Ceylon and was brought to Malaysia many years ago as a trade commodity.
The word “tarik” (pull) refers to the tea drink being pulled from a cup on the left hand to a cup on the right hand, vice versa.
A few pulls will equally mix the tealeaves with sugar and milk, resulting in the drink having a perfect aroma and milky rich taste.
Sunshine Kingdom mixes Musang King durian powder with high quality green tea to create a perfect blend for your family and friends.
(10 sachets x 28 gm)

RM 45.00

Charcoal Roasted White Coffee

Coffee beans are depth baked with charcoal. Therefore, it has a very old taste.
Colour is darker, the flavour is rich and mellow, and the product does not feel sour.
This drink will surely awaken your taste buds.
(10 sachets x 35 gm)

RM 35.00

Musang King White Coffee

“Musang King” is the most popular durian species in Malaysia. Musang King has a nice fragrance and its flesh is dense and sweet, with a little tint of bitterness.
Once tried, the taste is unforgettable.
The quality of the Musang King fruit depends highly on soil and weather conditions.
Prices fluctuate depending on seasons and can be quite expensive when demand is higher than supply.
The unique slow-roasting technique for Sunshine Kingdom Musang King White Coffee creates a strong coffee and durian aroma that is pleasant to smell.
The texture of coffee is smooth and pleasing, while maintaining the unique taste of durian mixed with coffee.
(10 sachets x 35 gm)

RM 55.00

Durian Candy

Musang King Candy is one of Sunshine Kingdom’s best selling products amongst local and tourists.
It’s smooth texture and rich durian taste makes it a must-buy product for durian lovers. Value for money and a great gifting product.

RM 16.90

Chic Kut Teh

Bak Kut Teh is a type of dietary method of drinking tea with both bone and meat. Bak-Kut-Teh, written in Min Nan Dialect is very well-known locally and abroad.
Xiaoyang Bak kut Teh has its special characteristics. It is fragrant with aromatic Chinese herbal medicine. In addition, it is simple, convenient and easy to cook this traditional soup at any time and anywhere.

RM 16.90

Durian Chocolate

Do you know? Dating back to 65 million years ago, durians and cocoa trees (the raw materials for making chocolate) were originally a family and related; therefore durians and chocolates are inherently a combination of heaven and earth. After eating them, you must not forget them.
(150 gm, 38 pcs x 4 gm individually packed)

RM 25.00

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Incredible historical landmarks, an affable multiracial society, a thriving unspoilt ecosystem- Malaysia is a country renowned for many things, but if there’s one aspect that makes it an unforgettable experience, it’s the scrumptious, and sometimes even mildly eccentric, cuisine.

A prime example of this would be none other than Sunshine Kingdom, a collection of durian-related products headlining a durian-centric cafe based in Central Market. Featuring over 85 delectable products, including Musang King Tongkat Ali White Coffee, Durian Pralines Dark Chocolate, and freeze dried durian, not only do Sunshine Kingdom’s products offer tourists a unique gastronomic experience, they’re also a bit of local culture that travellers can bring home to share with loved ones.

Trust us when we say that no combination is too odd or too absurd when it’s paired with the one and only king of fruits. As the saying goes, don’t knock it till you try it!

Despite the multitude of success Sunshine Kingdom enjoys now, the journey to where it stands today was not an easy one. Ideated by Aesos Lai, and brought to life with operations specialist Eddie Wong in 2014, Sunshine Kingdom first opened business as a start-up company with only six products. Over the years, through countless hours of hard work and dedication, Sunshine Kingdom managed to expand its product range and increase its sales by 70%, hence becoming the leading brand for durian products.

In fact, in 2018, Sunshine Kingdom was even recognised by Malaysia’s Book of Records as the brand with the most durian products, a crowning achievement for such a young company. Other accolades they have received include the Superbrands award, the Brand Laureate Award, and Asia’s Top Leader Award.

If you’re already hungry for some of that rich durian goodness, more information on their products can be found at sunshine-kingdom.com/en. Check out their Facebook at facebook.com/Sunshine-Kingdom-曉陽榴莲伴手礼-152976951932500/ and YouTube channel at youtube.com/channel/UCddYgy132slCOLpuGoBCaEA.


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