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About the Owners

1. Company established in 2014
2. No.1 Durian-related company in Malaysia with 85 Products
3. Won over 25 Branding & Entrepreneur Awards over the past 5 years
4. Only Durian Company in the world with 3 consecutive Superbrands Awards
5. Malaysia Book of Records holder for the most durian-related products
6. Best in Marketing SOBA - Silver 2018, Gold 2019
7. Brand Laureate Award 2017 / 2018
8. Products can be found in all major tourists areas and supermarkets
9. Export to Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, USA, Vietnam, Cambodia

About Sunshine Kingdom

Incredible historical landmarks, an affable multiracial society, a thriving unspoilt ecosystem - Malaysia is a country renowned for many things, but if there’s one aspect that makes it an unforgettable experience, it’s the scrumptious, and sometimes even mildly eccentric, cuisine.

A prime example of this would be none other than Sunshine Kingdom, a collection of durian-related products headlining a durian-centric cafe based in Central Market. Featuring over 85 delectable products, including Musang King Tongkat Ali White Coffee, Durian Pralines Dark Chocolate, and freeze dried durian, not only do Sunshine Kingdom’s products offer tourists a unique gastronomic experience, they’re also a bit of local culture that travellers can bring home to share with loved ones.

Trust us when we say that no combination is too odd or too absurd when it’s paired with the one and only king of fruits. As the saying goes, don’t knock it till you try it!

Despite the multitude of success Sunshine Kingdom enjoys now, the journey to where it stands today was not an easy one. Ideated by Aesos Lai, and brought to life with operations specialist Eddie Wong in 2014, Sunshine Kingdom first opened business as a start-up company with only six products. Over the years, through countless hours of hard work and dedication, Sunshine Kingdom managed to expand its product range and increase its sales by 70%, hence becoming the leading brand for durian products.

In fact, in 2018, Sunshine Kingdom was even recognised by Malaysia’s Book of Records as the brand with the most durian products, a crowning achievement for such a young company. Other accolades they have received include the Superbrands award, the Brand Laureate Award, and Asia’s Top Leader Award.

If you’re already hungry for some of that rich durian goodness, more information on their products can be found at sunshine-kingdom.com/en. Check out their Facebook at facebook.com/Sunshine-Kingdom-曉陽榴莲伴手礼-152976951932500/ and YouTube channel at youtube.com/channel/UCddYgy132slCOLpuGoBCaEA.


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