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If not us, who? If not now, when? As news of unprecedented wildfires, uncontrollable typhoons and unnatural floods increase, how many more signs will we turn a deaf ear to before the only sound left on earth is the unnerving silence?

For those who want a part in saving the uncertain future; for those who want to solve that uncomfortable feeling of standing idly by as the world burns - here is a simple change you can implement: slowly convert to using brands that produce sustainable and biodegradable clothing. Unsure where to start? Let us point you to Malaysia’s first eco-friendly streetwear brand: S-T-U-F.

The brand’s main concept is simple: no pollution, period. Acutely aware of fast fashion and its devastating effects on the environment, Estee Chan had ideated and built S-T-U-F from ground up, giving buyers an environmentally-friendly alternative to other clothing brands. Not content with just being an eco-friendly brand, S-T-U-F also ensures that their buyers get the best they have to offer. Every piece of S-T-U-F’s clothing boasts 15 incredible functions, including being highly durable and breathable, gentle on sensitive skin, and having the ability to optimize the wearer’s body temperature wherever they are.

Another aspect that buyers, especially fashion-forward ones, might appreciate is S-T-U-F’s timeless, minimalistic clothing style. Single-handedly designed by Estee herself, you might be pleased to know that in addition to their current products, S-T-U-F will be releasing more minimalistic products very soon - so stay tuned!

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