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Spider Tiger & Logo Series 1

RM 49.90

Spider Tiger and Logo Series 2

RM 49.90

Spider Tiger and Logo Series 3

RM 49.90

Tiger Year 2022

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Spider Microfiber T-shirts

Gong Xi Jia You
(Kung Hei Ka Yau)

“This year, 2022, we cannot say Gong Xi Fa Cai because there’ll be no Prosperity due to the impact of the pandemic over the past two years.”

Aesos Lai, founder of Spider shares his thoughts and plans for his brand.

Jia You literally means Add Oil which means to continue fighting harder to win.

This Jia You term is normally used during competitions, especially in Badminton.

When a player is losing, spectators normally shout Jia You to encourage the player to push further and continue to fight harder to win.

2022 is about fighting to be NORMAL, because the past two years have been abnormal.

We must work harder to get back to normality.

That's why I created Tigers that are fierce and vicious to fight against the pandemic.

I want the wearer to feel confident and strong, and work harder to face the challenges ahead.

There will be two messages Jia You and Gong Xi Jia You.

Spider will produce Microfiber T-shirts in 3 colors - Dark Red, Maroon and Black.

The microfiber material used is to provide true comfort with a quick drying effect.

Most importantly, it's value for money.

We plan to sell the Longsleeve Microfiber T-shirts at RM 49.90. (Original price RM 79.90)

The T-shirts will be available from 20 Jan, 2022.

For more details, kindly contact Aesos at

RM 49.90

100% Cotton T-Shirt

Glow-in-the-Dark Effect
5 Designs Available

Asian Size: S, M, L, XL

RM 39.90

MicroTech Gym Fit

(Slim Fit Microfiber T-Shirt with a mini sleeve)

Asian Size: S, M, L, XL

RM 39.90

Microfiber T-Shirt

(Quick Dry Microfiber T-Shirt)

3 Designs available:
- Relax
- Amazing
- Don't Quit

Asian Size: S, M, L, XL

RM 39.90

100% Cotton T-Shirt

Color Print

RM 39.90

100% Cotton T-Shirt

Long Sleeve
Glow-in-the-Dark Effect
3 Designs Available

Asian Size: S, M, L, XL

RM 49.90

Polo T-Shirt

Black (Grey Embroidery)

Asian Size: S, M, L, XL

RM 59.90

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About the Owner

- Multiple Award-winning Entrepreneur with more than 25 awards over the past 5 years.
- National Record Holder (Malaysia Book)

- Most Durian-related Products (2018)
- Most number of Motivational Quotes

- Hoing Bao Media Savvy Award 2020
- T-Shirt Fashion Designer
- Movie Produce
- Certified HRDF Trainer


SPIDER, The Next Generation Sporty Leisure & Active LifeStyle Apparel Brand created by Aesos Lai.

Spider is an apparel brand that will appeal to the "Active, Sporty, Trendy & Stylish individuals" - it is essentially a Sporty and Active Lifestyle clothing line that focuses on Stylish yet Fresh Engaging Designs and Premium Quality Materials made from High-Tech Manufacturing Technology.

Spider’s products are ideal for all lifestyle occasions - indoor and outdoor!

What sets Spider's T-Shirt Design apart from others is its distinct “5-FEATURES” design language – with the key design at the centre of the T-Shirt, flanked by designs and patterns on both sleeves to create visual balance, as well as on both sides of the waistline that provide additional visual impact.

The "Spider" Logo represents “DOUBLE PROSPERITY” - created based on the combination of the alphabet “S”, the body of the spider which is purposely designed to look like the “Number 8” (meaning "Prosperity" in Chinese), and the “8 legs” of the Spider which also represent "Prosperity". Therefore, “8&8” brings Double Prosperity.

The Spider Clothing Designs were inspired by the colours of the “Malaysian Flag” - the first series, “Series 1”, showed a combination of redwhite and blue - an interplay of colours that are *energetic and vibrant*, while the second series, “Series 2”, showcases the colour gold (akin to the royal yellow in the Malaysian flag) which brings "classy yet bold" statements to today's fashion forward generation.

Key Product

MicroTech Gym Fit (MGF) Series

1.                 Good Quality

2.                 Comfortable

3.                 Keeps You Cool

4.                 Light Weight

5.                 Soft Material

6.                 Smooth Feel

7.                 Body Fitting

8.                 Good Sewing

9.                 Shape-resistant

10.             Breathable

11.             Quick Dry

12.             Durable

13.             Wrinkle-free

14.             Machine-wash Resistant

15.             Easy To Maintain

16.             Space-saving

17.             Value For Money


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