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Medical Planning (Per Month)

Taking care of your hospital bill up to RM1 million yearly, special Covid-19 coverage.

RM 100.00

Savings Plan (Per Month)

Save 5 years only and get guaranteed cash payment of 11%-20% yearly.

RM 200.00

Salary Protection Planning (Per Month)

Secure your income during unfortunate times.

RM 100.00

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If you’ve been looking for wide coverage insurance plans to protect yourself and your loved ones, Sha Wealth Planners is by far one of the most trustworthy professional teams you can rely on. Staffed by a panel of expert financial advisors, Sha Wealth Planners offers a wide range of services to suit all sorts of needs; from insurance plans beginning from RM100 per month to corporate-level financial management (group employee benefits to partnership protection planning). Do contact us for any enquiry, free claims consultation and free policy review services. Thank you!!


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