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One of the toughest decisions that new homeowners and business owners alike would have to face would be choosing the type of flooring and finishing that would fit best with their family or branding. For many, this decision will affect their quality of life for years to come, making the choice an even more difficult one. There is, however, a type of flooring that is suitable for all kinds of needs - namely vinyl flooring, and in Malaysia, there’s no better distributer of vinyl flooring than SF Floormart and Hardware.

In total, there are three product series offered at SF Floormart and Hardware, which are residential, commercial and industrial flooring. For residential and commercial use, customers would be able to choose from a wide array of flooring designs, colours and patterns, in pursuit of building ideal spaces for family and work life. As for industrial use, SF Floormart provides homogeneous vinyl flooring, which is perfect for heavy duty use in hospital buildings, pharmaceutical industries, food production companies, and many more.

As a distributer for the international flooring brand, Pasa Dena, SF Floormart and Hardware firmly believes in putting the customer first, and provides only the highest quality products and services for all their clients. Their services can be extended to states all over Malaysia, from KL and Selangor to Melaka, Johor, and even East Malaysia, as they have agents based all over the country.

Don’t hesitate to get in contact with them via their website at www.vinylflooringmalaysia.com - and watch this space for more information about SF Floormart and Hardware!


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