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Pandan Telang Herbal Infusion Tea

Our herbal infusion teas are beautifully handcrafted from freshly harvested local herbs, dehydrated to perfection maintaining their aromatic fragrance and nutritional values. This herbal tea is made from wholesome leaves. It is natural, chemical-free and does not contain any caffeine. Each bottle weights approximately 10gm and consists of pandan leaves and bunga telang. Gorgeous bright blue tea with fresh & clean undertones. Rich in anthocyanin & antioxidants. Relieves stress, reduce uric acid and perfect for calmness.

RM 18.00

Chocolate Chip Cookies

All-time favourite traditional recipe baked into perfection using premium ingredients of chocolate chips, flour, oat, egg, sugar and butter.

RM 15.00

Neem Handmade Soap

At 7tea1, our natural handmade soaps are delicately formulated with selected premium natural ingredients through a lengthy curing process to produce a mild, skin-nourishing soap that is suitable for all skin types while cleaning your skin and making it soft and healthy. Our soaps are free from essential oils or any other fragrant substances, hence leaving you with a fresh natural aroma after using. Our natural handmade soap is hard-pressed into a square shape (approx. 120gm), fragrance-free and long-lasting.

RM 18.00

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Company: Seven Tea One

Founder: Lai Chong Haur


Munch away on scrumptious chocolate chip cookies and sip on refreshing tea blends by Seven Tea One! On a mission to foster inclusivity in our community, all of Seven Tea One’s products are handcrafted by their trained team of single parents and differently-abled teens from B40 communities. Show your support by checking out Seven Tea One’s wide range of products, such as their aromatic herbal infusion tea, delicious cookies, handmade soaps and beautiful little gift boxes. Follow them @7tea1 on Facebook and Instagram for more updates!


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