Lovegrass Necklace

A classic botanical piece to celebrate the little creations in life such as the mesmerizing lovegrass plant preserved in resin to be worn with any outfit!

RM 25.00

Tasselflower Earrings

Nothing beats a simple white flower earrings reminding you that life is beautiful - inside out, small or big. Wear it on a casual Saturday or even to special occasions. Don’t worry, they belong anywhere!

RM 17.00

Midnight Ring

Charm yourself with the thought of a calming nightfall accentuated with a botanical contrast. Stinkgrass plant carefully hand pressed to create a unique ring that could be a rare addition to your accessory collections.

RM 11.00

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Enliven your life with bright, nature-inspired designs when you peruse Rekha Studio’s locally sourced and lovingly crafted products! Offering a wide range of products, such as clothing, jewellery, frames and more, Rekha Studio provides you all the essential ethical products you need in your life - not to mention, they make perfect gifts for loved ones. Practice conscious living with Rekha Studio today @rekhaxstudio on Facebook.


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