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Anastasia Agusto is a native-born Sino-Kadazan Sabahan. She is a part-time resin artist specialising in ocean-inspired resin art. She does all her tinkering from her humble little home studio. She is a full-time mother to one adorable baby boy and two overly excitable pups named Panda & Posy. She has spent most of her life in coastal Borneo (Sabah) and a portion of it in Melbourne, Australia. Her work is very much influenced by the cultures and beaches of these two beautiful places.

Growing up in coastal Borneo, she draws her inspiration from the white sandy beaches of Sabah. It is her hope that by creating ocean-inspired pieces, it will raise awareness on beaches, oceans & their inhabitants’ conservation.

Some of her work involves up-cycling locally sourced native wood, namely Acacia & Tamasu. By up-cycling dead wood and turning them into beautiful art pieces, she hopes to contribute towards a more sustainable future.

Due to the fluid nature of resin, each piece is unique and no two artworks will be the same. As always, every piece is handmade with love and utmost care in North Borneo.



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