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Jeffrey Yap was a B.Sc graduate from University Malaya. He was the champion for AMMODAGO International (workshop to develop world class speakers and motivators). He throws himself into his training sessions and his enthusiasm ignites the morale of the participants.

He was bubbly, confident and full of ideas. It was not surprising that he left Pru in 2014 and started his own company with 3 friends at 32 years old. He has transformed a dream into a business reality with a strong client following. He is now the sole owner of M.A.D.L.A.B Training and still bubbling with ideas. Here is a Gen Y with a thriving business, making its name in the industry.

M.A.D L.A.B Training is the brainchild of 2 millennials who set out to make a difference for people. M.A.D stands for Making A Difference., and L.A.B stands for Like A Boss. It is about the passion for people development, and empowering people to have ownership in live, love, team and organization, like a boss. Everyone can M.A.D.


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