Society Cakes

At L Society, we strongly believe that a cake should not only be delicious, it should also be elegant and graceful. Our line of Society cakes strive to achieve just that. Inspired by art, fashion and the various flavours we have tasted, the Society Cakes series is a marriage between the depth of flavours and the beauty of our craft.

Perfect for a party or celebration.

Tea Cakes

Cake is always a good idea!! Which is why we came up with our line of Tea Cakes. Simple yet elegant, our line of Tea Cakes offer a range of single layered cakes with minimal or no frosting. Also available in a delicious range of flavours to suit almost any palate.

Perfect for an afternoon tea or as light dessert.

Savoury Cakes

Made popular in France, this delightful cake is a treat for any occasion. Available in a variety of flavours, our all-time favourite is the Ham, Cheddar and Spanish Olives Olive Oil Cake, packed with salty ham, aged cheese, and briny olives. We are also the first to offer these scrumptious cakes in Malaysia and have received excellent feedback from our clients. These cakes are versatile, perfect for brunch or even lunch served with a side of salad. And they're even better with a glass of bubbly wine or rosè.

They freeze beautifully and can be kept frozen up to a month.

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Company: L-Society
Founder: Lisha Sriranga

Have your cake and eat it too! When it comes to fresh-out-the-oven goodness, you can be sure that none rivals L-Society in their artful, melt-in-your-mouth cake creations. Blending together the most luscious and intricate flavours, L-Society’s cakes are masterfully baked so that every bite will leave you craving for more! Check out their latest Society Cake, Tea Cake and Savoury Cake creations on their Facebook page (facebook.com/lsocietyco) today – and do keep a look out for their promotions during special occasions!


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