HERLIA® Ginger Vita

A 100% natural and pure Bentong ginger tablet extract formulated to:

- Reduce period pain
- Improve digestion & alleviate bloating
- Help in weight loss
- Immune booster
- Aging deceleration
- Warming up cold hands & feet
- Without any additives and preservation, vegan and Halal certified by Jakim; convenient and tasteless to be consumed

60 tablets per bottle

Additional details:

- Reduce period pain:
Suppress pain receptors & protects the body from inflammation by inhibiting the body’s prostaglandins production and ease women’s period pain.

- Alleviate bloating:
Boost the digestive system by stimulating your stomach acid & digestive enzymes to solve from indigestion and gas to bloating.

- Help in weight loss:
The anti-obesity action of ginger results in inhibiting intestinal fat absorption. It also increases the basal metabolism that acts as a fat burner.

- Immune booster:
Best natural remedy to kill cold virus and to boost the body’s immune system with its strong anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial properties.

- Aging deceleration:
The powerful antioxidant that helps to lower down the level of free radicals significantly and to protect the cells against toxic effects.

- Warming up hands & feet:
Excellent for improving blood circulation and blood flow to the hands and feet. It is also great for cold, stiff joints and arthritic conditions where the pain is alleviated by heat.

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Company: Herlia
Founder: Pearlie Yee

Boost your immune system and daily nutrition intake with Herlia’s Ginger Vita tablets! Formulated with the goal of enhancing the quality of modern living, Herlia’s tablets are pioneers in their field as they are made with 100% pure Bentong ginger extract. Some of the health benefits of taking these tablets would include improving digestion, reducing period pains, and alleviating bloating – so find out more about Herlia at facebook.com/HerliaNaturals.


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