In 2011, Enfiniti Academy of Performing Arts and Musical Theatre was established to develop an ecosystem for performing arts in Malaysia. Located in Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Enfiniti Academy was founded and is led by award-winning actress, director and producer Tiara Jacquelina and is headed by Joanna Bessey. It aims to be an incubator to nurture and develop young talents and has seen almost 8000 students nationwide, who have participated in its extensive array of classes and courses in performing arts.

Enfiniti Academy is home to many homegrown talents and entrepreneurs of diverse age groups. It boasts a long list of alumni of talented performers including TV host and beauty queen Amelia Henderson, singer-actress Tria Aziz, actress Jasmine Suraya Chin, actress Bella Dally, singer-actress Aisya Hasnaa, Disney Malaysia host Dheena Menon and award-winning actor Brian Chan.

Enfiniti Academy provides courses in acting, dance, voice, introduction to technical theatre, business in performing arts as well as special workshops in Voice-Acting for Animation, Musical Theatre and Scriptwriting.

The academy has won awards for being an outreach partner for the Ministry of Education (MoE). It works in collaboration with MoE and the English Language Teaching Centre (ELTC) offering a Highly Immersive Programme (HIP) as a fun and experiential way to teach English through Speech & Drama in schools. Enfiniti Academy provides pathways to higher education through its joint certificate program with MUST University (Malaysia University of Science and Technology).

It also provides a unique drama-based corporate training, "Enfiniti PLAY!" which utilizes theatre and drama techniques, which effectively improves and enhances team communication, leadership skills and creative change management.

The teachers have extensive hands-on experience in the musical theatre and entertainment industry. They are dedicated to sharing their expertise and knowledge, giving students the rare opportunity to learn from the industry's best practitioners, within the supportive setting of a professional theatre company.

In actively training new talents, they aim to give Malaysians from all backgrounds, the chance to explore and develop their individual creativity, so they can shine on the world stage, no matter which industry they are in.

Enfiniti Academy is a division under Enfiniti Malaysia which has produced some of Malaysia's most successful, multi-award-winning stage musicals including, Puteri Gunung Ledang the Musical, P. Ramlee the Musical and Ola Bola Musical.

Enfiniti Academy

Performing Arts Certification

Are you looking for acting, singing or dance classes? Why study just one when you can study them all as well as business in theatre. You’ll get 10 university credits under your belt and become a multi-talented triple-threat. Awarded by Malaysia University of Science and Technology (MUST) and Enfiniti Academy of Performing Arts.

- Introduction to Theatre
- Basic to Voice
- Basic to Movement (Dance)
- Basic to Acting
- Business in Performing Arts

Introduction to Theatre

- History of Story Telling
- Introduction to Technical Theatre
- Types of stage and understanding the medium
- Roles in the theatre and introduction to Stage Management
- Creating a dramatic structure for performance
- Stage a presentation. Group Project Performance

RM 370.00

Basics of Voice

- Intro to anatomy and physiology of the voice
- Breathing & Projection Techniques
- Vocal Techniques and types of singing styles
- Voice clarity techniques
- Understanding Music

RM 1190.00

Basics of Acting or Leadership & Communication

Option A: Basics of Acting
- Intro to Acting Technique (Stanislavski)
- Basic of Voice & Physical Characterization
- Script Analysis
- Monologues
- Scene Study

Option B: Basics of Leadership & Communication
- Body Language
- Public Speaking. Speech & Voice
- Creative Thinking
- Critical Thinking
- Presentation Skills
- Storytelling Techniques

RM 1400.00

Basics of Movement / Dance

- Movement through space
- Strength and flexibility
- Dance history and forms
- Basic Ballet, Modern & Contemporary Dance
- Intro to traditional dance
- Expression & Body Language
- Movement Improvisation
- Creative Choreography

RM 900.00

Business in Performing Arts

- Marketing & Promoting the Performing Arts
- Basic Marketing & Social Media to start your career
- Job Interview & Audition Techniques
- Job Roles in Entertainment Industry
- Introduction to Copyright Laws

RM 650.00

Virtual Holiday Concert Program

Develop your child's creativity, confidence, communication skills and artistic expression in this year end, musical theatre boot camp. Learn and explore speech, drama, poetry, singing, movement, dance & musical numbers.

Registration & Enquiries Contact
email: [email protected]
call: +603 6142 8115

Youth-On-Stage Program for Children

Develop your child's creativity, confidence, communication skills and artistic expression in this year end, musical theatre boot camp. Learn and explore speech, drama, poetry, singing, movement, dance & musical numbers.

Registration & Enquiries Contact
email: [email protected]
call: +603 6142 8115

Enfiniti PLAY! Drama-Based Corporate Training

Enfiniti PLAY! is a highly specialised and unique drama-based approach to communication, leadership, creativity & team building through Performing Arts Skills and Techniques.

Live Performances on Demand

Now you can watch your favourite Enfiniti shows over and over again, in safety and comfort from the BEST SEAT IN THE HOUSE!


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Acting, despite its name, is not merely just an act - it’s the heart and soul of a character, brought to life before your very eyes. If there’s one thing all actors and actresses will agree on, regardless of acting styles or backgrounds, it’s that acting is an expressive art form, the likes of which that are not easily mastered. However, with a little guidance from Enfiniti Academy, you might just be able to open the doors to a whole new world.

Founded and led by award-winning actress, director and producer Tiara Jacquelina, Enfiniti Academy’s vision, from the very beginning of its establishment, was clear: To culture and encourage the growth of creative talent in Malaysia, setting the stage for widespread success of the performing arts industry.

Having enrolled over 8,000 students throughout the years, young and old talents alike can rest easy knowing that their classes will be taught only by the best industry experts, and that their learning experience will be nothing short of show-stopping.

At present, Enfiniti Academy offers three different courses, suited for various age groups and purposes. Children and teens can participate in their Youth On Stage program “Musical 360”, which preps young actors and actresses alike for a grand performance at the end of the year (provided it’s permissible by RMCO guidelines). At university level, performers can join the Performing Arts Certificate course, a short-term program with modules such as Introduction to Theatre and Business in Performing Arts.

As for working adults, Enfiniti Academy has also crafted a unique drama-based corporate training session called “Enfiniti PLAY!”. Besides being a thrilling shared experience among co-workers, Enfiniti PLAY! focuses on sharpening invaluable skills needed in the working world, including effective communication, creative thinking, and leadership skills.

For more information on the academy and their courses, do visit enfinitiacademy.wordpress.com and enfinitiacademy.com. Don’t forget to like and follow them on their Facebook page (facebook.com/enfinitiacademy), Instagram page (instagram.com/enfinitiacademy), and YouTube channel (youtube.com/user/EnfinitiAcademy) respectively.


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