Chan.Ger Surgical Disposable Mask

Three-layer (3ply) disposable protective mask
Outer layer: Hydrophobic non-woven layer
Middle layer: Melt-blown filter
Inner layer: Soft & absorbent, non-woven layer

✔ Bacteria Filtration Efficiency (BFE > 95%)
✔ Effectively block bacteria, germs and viruses
✔ 3 layers folding structure design
✔ Adjustable nose clip
✔ Comfortable ear hooks with unique design and elastic super soft earrings eliminate stress on the ears.

Made in Malaysia
Founder: Chan Peng Soon
A Malaysian professional badminton player specialised in the mixed doubles event. He is best known for his partnership with Goh Liu Ying where they have been consistently ranked among the top 10 mixed doubles pair in the world.

RM 28.90

Instant Perfume Hand Sanitizer

Keep your hands clean and yourself safe with this hand sanitizer! While using the sanitizer to keep your hands free of bacteria/germs, you can still enjoy the smell & refreshing scent left on your hands. Grab one of our scented sanitizers now, you will love it!

* Scented
* 60ml
* 75% Ethanol Alcohol
* Water (H2O) base
* Rinse-free
* Quick-drying & non-sticky
* Suitable for frequent use
* Safe & harmless to skin
* Malaysian product

RM 17.90

Chilia Sambal Cili Kering

Chilia adalah sambal yang menggunakan cili kering berkualiti dan dihaluskan bersama bawang merah, garam and minyak goreng. Chilia dihasilkan oleh Mak Endang Gemilang yang berasal dari Grobogan, Indonesia. Diformulasikan secara traditional. Chilia Sambal Cili Kering diproses tanpa bahan pengawet dan MSG untuk mencipta rasa yang enak dan sedap. Chila Sambal Cili Kering ialah 100% Halal.

Chilia Sambal Cili Kering mempunyai 4 jenis rasa:
1. Original
2. Ikan Bilis/Teri
3. Sotong/Cumin
4. Udang

RM 10.90

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