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Personal Development Programme (PDP)

Support your personal growth anywhere with any devices with Scholarships2u PDP. Ideal for students between the ages of 13 to 19, our evidence-based online programme is designed to bring about great change. Develop personal skills and talents with our weekly activities. Immerse yourself in an engaging webinar by our qualified professionals.

You will be empowered to identify what your natural strengths are and your preferred learning styles, learn how to utilise your natural abilities and boost them for peak performance, increase your confidence, make friends easily and boost your leadership capabilities.

First month free trial worth up to RM500.

Scholarship Applications Made Easy

Scholarships2u is an innovative platform that simplifies the scholarship application process. Students can efficiently apply to multiple scholarships, be guided by experienced study pathway counsellors and head towards their dream study destination. Register for a free account and unlock millions of dollars in scholarships.



Aurora Scholarship Campaign in Partnership with Citibank Malaysia

Malaysian students now have the opportunity to pursue their education at prestigious educational institutions locally, U.K., U.S. and Switzerland. In addition, The Aurora Campaign offers significant discounts to Citibank Malaysia customers and their children applying via Scholarships2u.com with a 50% discount voucher code for Scholarship Benchmark Tests.


30 million

The Artisans Haven Scholarships

On the mission to increase the number of artisans in the world and connecting artistic talents, the Artisans Haven Scholarship is ideal for students who are interested in subject matters revolving around art. The scholarship seeks to assist students in moulding the artisans within them whilst nurturing a growth mindset.



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Scholarships2u.com is the go to platform at unlocking study scholarships from both local and global institutions. With millions worth of scholarship dollars awaiting to be awarded to deserving students, Scholarships2u.com believes that exemplary students should not be hindered by the costs of a quality education and is on a mission to redefine the scholarship story.

Scholarship applications are made easy on the innovative platform which leads students to discover, manage and improve their scholarship applications success. For the institution, foundation and corporate users, the digitalisation of scholarship selection process is now made possible through Scholarships2u.com which advocates for a paperless framework, unified scholarship benchmark tests and higher chances of a quality match.

Students are invited to start their scholarship pursuit today by registering for a free account on the platform. Scholarships2u.com experienced counsellors are equipped to steer students towards being responsible global citizens solving tomorrow’s problems with creative solutions. Successful scholars will be bestowed with stellar opportunities to embark on their educational journey and reach the apex of their academic capabilities at their dream study destination. Learn more about the all powerful platform at www.scholarships2u.com.

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