Asha's Handmade Jewellery

Botswana Agate Stone of Hope & Possibility

Botswana agate 14cm round stone with Agate Lulutong bracelet fits 17cm wrist size.

RM 38.00

Maroon Agate Gemstone Goddess

Maroon Agate Gemstone Goddess 8mm bracelet with magnetic clasp.

RM 58.00

Ruby Gemstone Herringbone Earrings

Natural faceted 10mm Ruby Gemstone Herringbone Earrings wired with 3 different colours: gold, copper & silver.

RM 38.00

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Company: Asha’s Handmade Jewellery
Founder: Asha Doshi

Brighten up your wardrobe assemble with a little bling from Asha’s Handmade Jewellery! Featuring a large variety of vibrant and natural gemstones, each accessory is meticulously designed and carries specific special qualities about them, such as the aspirational Botswana Agate Stone of Hope & Possibility bracelet and the chakra-aligning Ruby Gemstone Herringbone Earrings. Take a look at Asha’s Handmade Jewellery page for their full catalogue: facebook.com/asha.handmadejewellery


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