Adeabakery Oatmeal Cookies (Diabetic-friendly)

Recipe approved by dietician, the total glycemic load of all ingredients is low, which means it does not spike blood sugar.

Sugar content is only 6%, compared to normal cookies which is 30% for the same weight cookie. Plus we use organic coconut sugar which has lower glycemic load.

Crunchy and buttery, due to low sugar, it has strong nutty fragrance too. Freshly baked every weekend and we ship on every Monday.

1 bottle RM39
2 bottles RM75
(free courier to West Malaysia)

320g Trigona Honey (Apicalis Flavour)

Trigona bee a.k.a. stingless bee is good for diabetes because it has lower glycemic index, which means it takes longer for the sugar to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Studies also show the sugar content is 17% compared to normal honey which is 70% for the same weight.

Distinctive sweetness with a little sour and acidic taste. Helps on skin, is overall healthy, and boosts immune system generally.

1 bottle RM115
2 bottles RM190
(free courier to West Malaysia)

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Company: Adea Artisan Bakery
Founder: Arthur Chee

Chomp away on Adea Artisan Bakery’s healthy yet irresistably scrumptious snacks! On a mission to bake diabetic-friendly and low sugar snacks that even those on strict diets would be able to enjoy, Adea Artisan Bakery’s list of treats are comprised of AdeaBakery Oatmeal Cookies, Trigona Honey, and Oatmeal Cookie Premix – all of which are low in sugar content (doesn’t spike blood sugar which means with low glycemic index and load). Feast your eyes on their upcoming treats when you follow them on Facebook and Instagram @adeabakery.


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