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Vigilant Asia


Malaysian firms more vulnerable to ransomware attacks amid Covid-19 pandemic. The Star 21.03.21.

- Over 90% of cyberattacks begin with an email attack. Protect using Microsoft 365 Business Basic + Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) at RM24 per user per month.

- Mobile devices are fast becoming the primary tool for work, and hackers know this too. Mobile Threat Defence with Zimperium at RMRM9 per user per month.

- With Work-from-home, devices and company are more vulnerable to cyberattacks than ever before. Protect with Endpoint Detection & Response at RM28 per user per month.


Lap top, PC & Device Rental

Three core business offerings:
The provisioning of a cost-effective asset acquisition plan via an operating lease plan, a device buyback & trade-in program and an asset sale & leaseback program.
Comprehensive asset lifecycle maintenance services which includes preventive maintenance services, device protection coverage plan and asset deployment services.
Asset end-of-life management which includes warranty logistics services, asset decommissioning and logistics services, asset value recovery and remarketing services and last but not least secure data sanitisation services.

We make it easy to lease, use and replace IT asset. Benefits include no depreciating value to worry about, avoid technology obsolescence, better cash flow, standardisd system & software, lifetime warranty & better tax position.
Beyond the accustomed IT leasing lifecycle management.

Yellowshorts Consulting

Hit Hard by The Pandemic? Want to Future-Proof Your Business? 
We are offering a Business Resilience Assessment for your company to find gaps in your Business Continuity plans and to ensure that your company is ready for the next wave of disasters.
Disruptions can happen at any time and your company has to be ready for the resulting challenges to your business.
Our panel of Expert Consultants of more than 20 years will seamlessly asses your company on areas such as Supply Chain Reliability, Crisis Communication Capabilities, Return to Operations in the event of a Disaster. 
Free Assessment.


Digital Solutions

Volservers is a trusted consultancy and service provider in innovative digital solutions and services for SMEs and large enterprises. Our team consists of certified experts who are led by a strong technical management team to provide clients with industry’s framework and best practices

Sectors which we serve:
Food & Beverage

DCR Marketing

Premiums & Bulk Buy

We have over 1 million of merchandises to satisfied your customer needs including:

Premium Gifts
Consumer Appliances
Household Products
Products for Kids
Sports & Travel
Health & Beauty
Gift Vouchers

These can be used for company gift bags for your customers, staff and friends, during events, special occasion and festivities.

Items can be ordered in bulk

Vouchers are also available.


AI enable chatbot & online shop

Chatbots engage your customers 24/7/365 on all digital channels
Wannatalk lets you engage your customers or employees through livechat on your Website, Mobile app, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE, Wechat, Telegram, Skype and other social media

Your human agents manage all social media interactions from a single app
Use the Wannatalk agent web portal or mobile app to engage with customers live in realtime across all social media.

Customer support, marketing campaigns & IT helpdesk
Use it for marketing campaigns, roadshows, customer support, internal IT helpdesk, HR helpdesks and so on. Wannatalk has been deployed for companies big or small.

TUUDI Parcel

Competitive Delivery

- On Demand Delivery
- Same Day Delivery
- Next Day Delivery

Smart Robie

KLSE Investing Essentials

Martin Wong is the Co-Founder of TradeVSA System Sdn Bhd, the 1st Financial Technology Company that focuses on Volume Spread Analysis (VSA) and is the creator of Smartrobie investing app.

Over 30,000 have downloaded Smartrobie. The investing app is best suited for beginners and fresh millennial traders. It combines powerful investing tools – technical, fundamental data and computer algorithms — for a better User Experience. Robie has all the stock investing essentials as it is an all-in-one stock idea generation solution that saves time and helps make better decisions.

Smartrobie will be able to provide users with top stock trading ideas, full trading plans and results to outperform the markets.

Harzion Ramli Online Fitness

Online Fitness

With emphasis on contactless exercise, a new normal has emerged in online fitness training. American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified coach Harizon Ramli will pool the expertise of four certified trainers online to assist clients. “Our top three services will feature online exercises for fitness, videos to demonstrate the different types of training and  individual nutrition plans,’’ said Harizon. Training programs include those for weight loss, hypertrophy for muscle gain and toning, post natal and the elderly. Among the popular programmes are those for weight loss and hypertrophy; elderly clients also seek exercises for strength training and muscle building. In the case of body builders, they need to be physically on-site at the gym, while the instructor conducts contactless training online.

Enfiniti Academy

Communication, Performing Arts & Singing Classes

Founded and led by award-winning actress, director and producer Tiara Jacquelina, Enfiniti Academy’s vision, from the very beginning of its establishment, was clear: To culture and encourage the growth of creative talent in Malaysia, setting the stage for widespread success of the performing arts industry.
Enfiniti Academy offers three different courses, suited for various age groups and purposes. Children and teens can participate in their Youth On Stage program “Musical 360”, which preps young actors and actresses alike for a grand performance at the end of the year (provided it’s permissible by RMCO guidelines). At university level, performers can join the Performing Arts Certificate course, a short-term program with modules such as Introduction to Theatre and Business in Performing Arts.
As for working adults, Enfiniti Academy has also crafted a unique drama-based corporate training session called “Enfiniti PLAY!”. Besides being a thrilling shared experience among co-workers, Enfiniti PLAY! focuses on sharpening invaluable skills needed in the working world, including effective communication, creative thinking, and leadership skills.


100% Study Scholarships
Parents can now afford better education for their children with Study Scholarships.

8000 have applied through scholarships2u.com for 300 scholarships from 400+ institutions.

IMU Malaysia:
Up to 100% Scholarships are available for the International Medical University (IMU Malaysia) Foundation in Science programme. Candidates are required to achieve A+/A in 4 out of 5 subjects (English, Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry). Ignite dreams to become the future of better healthcare and be matched with an institution that is at the forefront of fighting the pandemic.

Worth RM24,900.

Xandria Ooi

Coming Soon

AL Trainings

Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Smart Solutions

Smart Solutions is a collection of very useful services for small & medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in this fast paced & increasing digital world:


Mobile phones, lap tops, desk tops and devices are the norm nowadays. Work from home and remote practices have escalated. With that, SMEs need to think about cybersecurity, more cost effective means of keeping up with the latest technology, planning for business continuity and systems development. The prominent service providers in these area include:

  • Vigilant Asia (cybersecurity)

  • Rentalworks (device rentals)

  • Yellowshorts Consulting (business continuity)

  • Volservers (digital solutions)


To grow business, here are key innovations & competitive services:

  • DCR Marketing (premiums & bulk purchases)

  • Wannatalk (ai chatbot & shop)

  • Experian Information (credit ratings)

  • TUUDI Parcel (competitive delivery)

Self Help

  • KLSE Essentials with Smartrobie chatbot assistant

  • Harizon Ramli online fitness

  • Enfiniti Academy communication skills, with drama, dancing & singing, too

  • Positivity for your staff with Xandria Ooi (coming soon)

  • HRDF courses for your staff with Yellowshorts Consulting, AL Trainings, MADLABS (coming soon)


100% full study scholarships for your children to give them the best possible education.

Get Smart with all our partners.


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