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Tina Winness


A modern flair on a classic Italian mask. The blue peony and accents result in a lovely contrast with the matte gold mask.

Sterling Silver, Gold-plated
22k gold plated with enamel, set with Cubic Zirconias

H: 34.0mm W: 27.74mm


RM 5888.88

The Orkids

Exclusive Design Real Touch Artificial Phaleanopsis Orchids Arrangement

Material: PEVA real touch material (can be washed with water), ceramic

RM 350.00

Sophia By Shirley Enterprise

Coming Soon

Ila Nursery

Coming Soon

Cherita Chocolate

Coming Soon


Dali Katch Hi-Fi Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Grape Leaf Katch/Gl

The DALI KATCH has two audio profiles: 'Clear' and 'Warm'. 'Clear' is perfect for most listening situations and music genres. 'Warm' is for when your music just needs that little extra bass - which also works perfectly when playing larger rooms.

The DALI KATCH is easily connectable via Bluetooth 4.0 Apt-X. Or go old-school and connect your non-Bluetooth devices through the analogue stereo mini-jack input. Combine that with the USB charge output and you can drive a Chromecast Audio dongle for easy home network integration.

The powerful 2600 mAh internal battery in the DALI KATCH offers up to 24-hours of untethered playback. Charging to full within 2-hours. Power-level indicator lights activates by a push of a button - immediately revealing the current power level.

RM 1699.00

Natural Life Mug Collections

Natural Life Mug Collections the best companion for your favourite drinks to bright up your day.

Check all the full selections now and buy it at discount!

RM 53.65

Corvan Cordless Anti-Tangle Stick Vacuum Dust Mite/Mattress Cleaning Tool (CCV-K9)

Light weight, ultra strong suction power and long run time- house chores made easy.

RM 698.00

Candle Pit Stop Lavender & Geranium Natural Scented Candle

Scent Inspiration
This dreamy scent is a mix of Lavender , Geranium and a hint of Ylang Ylang. Perfect combination to lull and relax any tired mind, body and soul. Ylang Ylang is known as a mood lifter

RM 65.00

Olfac3 Eau De Parfum | Original Luxury Artisanal Perfumes

Exquisite luxury artisanal perfumes created by Malaysia's award-winning perfumery house, inspired by memories, experiences, people and places. Discover #loveatfirstscent today.

Original Price: RM250.00

* Sales offer till 30th June 2021

RM 220.00

Mageline World 3-Step Skincare Set

Enjoy natural beauty with 3 simple steps for glowing, youthful and radiant skin. Suitable for: dry, flaky, sensitive skin; freckles and hyperpigmentation skin; dull and tired skin; oily and acne prone skin; busy schedule and don’t have time using too many skincare products; anti-aging, sagging skin, fine lines, wrinkles, visible pores; long hours in front of computers, exposure to radiation; stay up late night, etc.

RM 240.00

Living Skin Burst of Yellow

Soothes with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to give your skin the boost it deserves. Great for all types of skin, particularly oily skin and acne prone skin. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties to calm swelling.

RM 35.00


Designed to inspire your senses with distinctive handcrafted batik prints reproduced on strong, crisp paper. You’ll love the side pocket slots on each booklet, great for slotting in name cards, notes and holding the next book. This glorious batik-inspired weekly planner is designed for the stylish, distinctive you..

RM 13.90

Sunshine Kingdom Durian Egg Roll

Durian has a strong taste and the egg rolls are very fragrant and it is a perfect match.
The rind is soft with durian filling.
The taste is crisp and then is soft, it is like discovering a new and interesting method of eating durian.
It can’t be forgotten forever.

RM 19.90

Evoke Dream Catcher Paperback Journal with Mini Canvas Pouch (Classic)

Be the author of your amazing life story. Let these numbered blank pages be your space to create a treasure trove of ideas, thoughts, inspirations, perceptions, experiences, etc. along your journey in life to catch your dreams. Now and then, pause and let everything sink in - do nothing but just colour or doodle on the sectionised pages.

RM 60.00

Helping Hands Penan Bamboo Handle : Gold

30 x 15 x 35 cm, excluding handles

One of our most sought after range, the bamboo circular handle lends an elegance to an already beautifully woven floral weave. This is the slight larger of 2 sizes in the bamboo handle range. You may also choose from among various single and double coloured options, the latter with various motifs available.

RM 150.00

S_T_U_F White Phantom T-shirt

This t-shirt contains TENCEL™ lyocell fibres with Eco Soft technology.

Comes in sizes S, M, L and XL

RM 78.00

Angie Jewels & Co Bella Pastel Freshwater Pearl Necklace with 14k Gold Filled

Crafted from the finest 14k gold-filled wirework, this Bella Endless Pastel Freshwater Pearl Necklace is meant to make you stand out of crowd with its exceptional style and great design. It’s time to outshine your femininity with this adorable piece of art that describes the glory of a woman as god’s most beautiful creation.

Product : Necklace
Brand : Angie Jewels & Co.
Stone : Pastel Freshwater Pearl
Pearl Size : 8-9mm
Length : 60cm
Material : 14K Gold Filled
Re-sizable : Yes
Weight : 40g

RM 880.00

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