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Abbie and Friends

Jellycat Amuseable Clementine

Jolly, juicy and perfectly plump, Amuseable Clementine is good for everyone! Ostentatiously orange with textured fur peel and very fine cordy leaves and booties, this smiley citrus has a zing in its step!


Original packaging not included. Only used for showroom displays, live shows & photography.

RM 56.70

Showroom Clearance 25% OFF

I Love KL

HP KL Backpack - Gold S

KL Bags are made of polyvinyl chloride materials (commonly known as PVC) and are bonded with polyester mesh. The designs of the bags come in different configurations from round, triangles, rectangles, polygon to geometric shapes. We offer a variety of colours ranging from gold, silver, red, blue, black and green. Matt Green has the most unique feature - it turns into different rainbow colours under different light conditions, called the "chameleon effect". They also come in both matt and gloss finishing.


Original packaging not included. Only used for showroom displays, live shows & photography.

RM 100.10

Showroom Clearance 25% OFF

Angie Jewels & Co

Crossly Light Blue Swarovski Crystal Pearl Bracelet

2 rows of Swarovski pearls held together with our cross findings give this bracelet a bangle-like feel. This magnificent bracelet will draw attention to your sexy wrist against a little black dress.

Product : Bracelet
Brand : Angie Jewels & Co.
Stone : Swarovski Crystal Pearl
Pearl Size : 8mm
Colour : Crystal Light Blue Pearl
Length : 17cm/18cm/19cm
Clasp Material : Brass
Clasp Type : Fold-over Clasp
Clasp Plating : Rhodium Plating (18K White Gold Plated)
Re-sizable : Yes
Weight : 17.50g


Original packaging not included. Only used for showroom displays, live shows & photography.

RM 371.30

Helping Hands Penan

Bamboo handle: Gold

30 x 15 x 35 cm, excluding handles

One of our most sought after range, the circular bamboo handle lends an elegance to an already beautifully woven floral weave. This is the slightly larger of 2 sizes in the bamboo handle range. You may also choose from various single and double coloured options, the latter with various motifs available.

More items @ https://www.artisanshaven.com.my/retailers/helping_hands_penan

RM 150.00

My Fair Lady Florist

Signature Exquisite – Code SB2

“There are always exquisite things and times to remind us of the original source of all beauty and love.” – Jay Woodman

Preserved flower bag with LED lights perfect for keepsake and decor.

*Inclusive of Ms Dior perfume gift for a limited time only.

Dimensions: 26cm (W) * 36cm (L) * 32cm (H)

More items @ https://www.artisanshaven.com.my/retailers/my_fair_lady_florist

RM 1888.00

Atelier Maya

Lounge chair with natural unfinished solid teak frame, open mesh cane seat and back.

Dimension: 72cm(H) x 65cm(W) x 85cm(D)
Weight: 13.6 kg

More items @ https://www.artisanshaven.com.my/retailers/atelier_maya

RM 899.00

Angie Jewels & Co

Multiway Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Signature multiwear freshwater pearl necklace.

14-in-1 design that will suit all types of personality from fun and adventurous, to classic and timeless, as well as sexy and romantic.

Product : Necklace
Brand : Angie Jewels & Co.
Stone : Freshwater Cultured Pearls
Pearl Size : 9mmx10mm approximately
Length : 90cm
Clasp Material : Brass
Clasp Type : Hand Clasp
Clasp Plating : Rhodium Plating (18K White Gold Plated)
Re-sizable : Yes
Weight : 100g

More items @ https://www.artisanshaven.com.my/retailers/angie_jewels_co

RM 788.00


A Jar Full of Goodness 250g

Satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with Some.Ting.Sweet’s 100% natural honey! Harvested straight from hives to jars, Some.Ting.Sweet’s fresh honey is completely unprocessed, unpasteurized and farmed only from non-sugar fed bees - meaning that every last drop of the honey’s highly concentrated protein minerals and natural acids are preserved until you serve it. Don’t forget to check out their social media pages to stay updated with their latest ventures and events.

More items @ https://www.artisanshaven.com.my/retailers/some.ting.sweet

RM 45.00


DALI KATCH Hi-Fi Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Grape Leaf Katch/Gl

The DALI KATCH has two audio profiles: 'Clear' and 'Warm'. 'Clear' is perfect for most listening situations and music genres. 'Warm' is for when your music just needs that little extra bass - which also works perfectly when playing larger rooms.

The DALI KATCH is easily connectable via Bluetooth 4.0 Apt-X. Or go old-school and connect your non-Bluetooth devices through the analogue stereo mini-jack input. Combine that with the USB charge output and you can drive a Chromecast Audio dongle for easy home network integration.

The powerful 2600 mAh internal battery in the DALI KATCH offers up to 24-hours of untethered playback. Charging to full within 2 hours. Power-level indicator lights activate by a push of a button - immediately revealing the current power level.

More items @ https://www.artisanshaven.com.my/retailers/dreamshop

RM 1699.00

Sunshine Kingdom

Sunshine Kingdom: Musang King White Coffee

“Musang King” is the most popular durian species in Malaysia. Musang King has a nice fragrance and its flesh is dense and sweet, with a little tint of bitterness. The unique slow-roasting technique for Sunshine Kingdom Musang King White Coffee creates a strong coffee and durian aroma that is pleasant to smell. The texture of coffee is smooth and pleasing, while maintaining the unique taste of durian mixed with coffee.

(10 sachets x 35 gm)

More items @ https://www.artisanshaven.com.my/retailers/sunshine_kingdom

RM 55.00

Akarana Baby

Akarana Baby: Haumaru II Retro (Beige)

Safely, Boldly and Cheekily

Newly improved with side impact protection system and comes with fitted infant insert to provide additional support and padding to newborn.

*Side impact protection system
*Large and wide cushion with four reclining position for backrest
*Rear facing for newborn babies up to 13kg
*Forward facing for children from 9kg to 25kg
*Four harness slots can be adjusted according to children's height
*Fitted with a 5-point harness to offer an unparalleled level of safety

More items @ https://www.artisanshaven.com.my/retailers/akarana_baby

RM 399.00


Eumicare: Family Size Sanitizer (500ML)

Eumicare cares a lot about product quality & safety of our daily personal care products. We commit our involvement, from the sourcing of quality ingredients from several countries to the production of quality assured products, down to the eco-friendly packaging, that we believe will resonate well with our customers' needs and wants.

#Hypoallergenic #Child Friendly #KKM Approved #Food Grade Alcohol #Natural Ingredients

More items @ https://www.artisanshaven.com.my/retailers/eumicare

RM 76.90


GoCHeeKS: Spring in Tulle Yellow Pouch L

Dimensions 8x18x25 cm

The top embroidered tulle ruffle is layered with premium American cotton and batting. This elegant and dainty looking conversation piece is a hardy number due to the fact that it's handstitched together by our expert artisans.

Designed by Artist Chee.

More items @ https://www.artisanshaven.com.my/retailers/gocheeks

RM 330.00

Sophia By Shirley Enterprise

Sophia By Shirley Enterprise: Peacock Vintage Kimono Handbag

We specialize in handcrafted handbags & clutches using Japanese Kimono fabrics.

Each piece is unique & one of a kind.

More items @ https://www.artisanshaven.com.my/retailers/sophia_by_shirley_enterprise

RM 550.00

Asian Esteem

Asian Esteem: Teak Flower Pot

Crafted from premium quality wood, the Teak Flower Pot is highly durable and specially designed to give every room a refreshing new look.

It’s perfect for being the centerpiece of a hallway, and can also be simply used as a tasteful vase for beautiful floral arrangements.

More Items @ https://www.artisanshaven.com.my/retailers/asian_esteem

RM 425.00

Candle Pit Stop

Candle Pit Stop: Triple Scented Natural Candle

Scent inspiration: Suave and sexy. Inspired by the gentleman’s club, cigar lounges, fresh aftershave.

More Items @ https://www.artisanshaven.com.my/retailers/candle_pit_stop

RM 65.00

Natural Life

Natural Life : Giving Blanket Life Is Tough

Life is tough, but so are you!

This blanket is super soft and printed cozy. It's the perfect size for your lap. Give it to friends and family who need extra comfort and love in their lives.

More items @ https://www.artisanshaven.com.my/retailers/_natural_life__home_treasures

RM 101.70


Corvan : Corvan Picamop T7 Cordless Electric Mop (CP4-T7)

Cordless and Tangle-Free - mop anytime anywhere, no more searching for power outlets! Mop, scrub & polish (buff) tile, marble, hard wood, laminate, parquet, vinyl, etc.

No more back stress. No pressing or squeezing to mop, only light push and pull. Mop up to 4,000sq ft of floor area in a single charge.

More Items @ https://www.artisanshaven.com.my/retailers/corvan

RM 949.00


Marshall: Portable Bluetooth Speaker Stanmore II White

Small in size, but not subtle in sound, the Stanmore is a compact active stereo loudspeaker that produces a clean and precise sound, even at high levels. Stanmore classic design is a retrocession to the golden days of rock n roll, and its analogical interaction controls give you a personal control of your music. With a vintage left-front look, bronze details, and iconic writing logo, the Stanmore is as at home with the rest of its Marshall collection.

More Items @ https://www.artisanshaven.com.my/retailers/marshall

RM 1999.00

Vintage Artistic Corporation

VAC: Paddy Field Oil Painting With Frame

*Hand Painted Oil Painting
*Size: W111.3 x H82 x T2.8cm
*Paddy in fengshui represents harvestry, and it symbolises prosperity & abundant sustenance

More items @ https://www.artisanshaven.com.my/retailers/vintage_artistic_corporate_

RM 380.00


BinaSinar: Artworks

Beautiful Koi Fishes painted on Wood. Also available on Zinc (different prices). Excellent for homes and offices.

Your concept store for fun in the sun, BinaSinar showcases hand-made and artisan items ranging from casual daily wear to beach getaway getups and interior décor. Mix, match and set your own style where fashion shines without boundaries.

More items @ https://www.artisanshaven.com.my/retailers/binarsinar_cslt

RM 198.00

Explorer Outfitter

Explorer Outfitter: MIS Director Chair With Side Table

This Mountain Inn chair makes it easy for you to sit and enjoy nature around you while traveling. This portable chair can also be folded to make it easier to carry. Use a strong frame to support your body in a balanced manner. In addition, this chair is also equipped with a table for placing drinks or food.

* Foldable
* Practical and easy to carry
* Equipped with a table on the side of the chair
* Maximum load: 100 kg
* Product dimensions: 60-83 x50 x 44-92 cm
* Material: polyester and steel

More items @ https://www.artisanshaven.com.my/retailers/explorer_outfitter

RM 109.00

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