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Wildebeest - The Exodus

"It was in 2016 that Ng went to Masai Mara in Kenya, to see the great migration of wildebeests at the famed Mara River crossings.

“It was quite spectacular .. the action, the noise, the dust .. the experience of it all. It was like watching an orchestra,’’ recalled Ng, who had waited quietly and patiently for six days before he managed to see this great event.

In Masai Mara alone, there appears to be 1.7 million wildebeests; they cross the Mara River as they see storms in the horizon, and they follow the rains, knowing that grass grows after that.

Size - 42"(w) x 28"(h)
Donate by purchasing this rare photograph, personalised autographed by Wymin for the benefit of Gem & Bread.

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African Buffaloes

On the way back to the lodge, Ng stumbled upon a herd of buffaloes at sundown. Ng managed to capture a photograph of them right from the front of the herd by driving very fast to the front and shooting from there.
“They were walking back slowly,’’ he said, adding that this was at Mala Mala last year. “We sat there for half an hour, waiting for about 1,000 of them to pass our vehicle.’’

Size - 40.5"(w) x 23"(h)

Donate by purchasing this rare photograph, personalised autographed by Wymin for the benefit of Gem & Bread.

RM 2000.00

Spotted Hyenas

"A memorable shot taken in the Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana, last year, of two hyenas drinking together and looking straight into the lens.

“One can still see the sprinkle of water on their faces while they were slurping at the water,’’ said Ng, who had taken the picture from a cabin hide, with a window for photo shooting.

Size - 35.5"(w) x 25.5"(h)

Donate by purchasing this rare photograph, personalised autographed by Wymin for the benefit of Gem & Bread.

RM 3500.00

Tiger Big Yawn

"Ng had just converted from the Canon to Leica brand in 2018, when he caught this yawning shot of a tiger in the Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan, India. This was his last trip with YY Chin.

“Tigers are the most attractive of all the big cats and this Leica shot of the tiger has been one of the most beautiful,’’ said Ng.

One of the biggest national parks in northern India, people come to watch the Royal Bengal tiger in action.

Size - 35.5"(w) x 25.5"(w)

Donate by purchasing this rare photograph, personalised autographed by Wymin for the benefit of Gem & Bread.

RM 2000.00

Leopard Spot the Move

"Ng got this shot of a leopard at the Mala Mala Game Reserve, South Africa, while the leopard was out hunting and mindful of a spotted hyena following him.

Though the spotted hyenas, the most popular of the three series, are the smaller animal, hyenas usually attack in a group and have a stronger and ferocious bite.
“This leopard had a worried look. We followed him for a while … in the safari, one has to be patient,’’ said Ng.

It was a special trip for Ng to Mala Mala last year, as he had flown there with his business partners and families, and stayed in a luxurious lodge.

Size - 41.25" (w) x 29.5"(h)

RM 2000.00

Sale of wildlife photos to fund center, find jobs for the autistic

In Malaysia, autistic children have good educational resources but only until they are 18. As adults, they are left with little or no guidance, or find themselves in a normal work place environment which rarely respects their special abilities. They are given menial and repetitive work, and are often bullied by those who either have little patience or understanding of their condition. Studies have shown that with the right approach and environment, these adults with special needs can contribute and find their place in society too.

Ng Wymin, a lawyer by profession and ‘professional amateur photographer’ in his out-of-office hours, has a plan to help them. As a parent of two children with autism, aged 22 and 23, he realises the lack of career opportunities for adults with autism spectrum disorder.


Ng wants to create these much-needed opportunities – by opening retail outlets such as cafes, bakeries, laundrettes and car wash stations – that are staffed by adults with autism. He hopes to enlist the assistance of corporations and business owners, as part of their corporate social responsibility, to contribute to this worthy project. While there will be two managers per outlet to oversee the running of the business and guide the special workforce, parents are also encouraged to undertake some of the responsibilities. The first outlet is targeted to begin operations sometime next year in a shopping mall in Damansara Jaya, Petaling Jaya, close to the Gem & Bread premises.


In his search for meaningful work opportunities for his children, Ng met Gopal Sreenevasan, the uncle of Gem & Bread Special Needs Support Group co-founder, Sharanya Radhakrishnan. “Gopal told me about the work that his niece was doing,’’ said Ng, who was initially thinking of setting up a bakery or café where his children could work. After a lengthy and inspiring discussion with Sharanya, a bigger plan had emerged. With Sharanya at the helm on a hands-on, day-to-day basis, Ng’s role would be to seek the initial capital expenditure, set up the outlets and plan their expansion. Apart from the overall operation and management of the outlets, Sharanya will also train the outlet managers on how to manage their special staff. “With Ng helping to raise funds on a virtual platform, it enables us to continue throughout these uncertain times. “My role is to help Ng run this project, and also create a larger awareness of the need to train and support our students,’’ said Sharanya.


Gem & Bread was set up six years ago to provide a creative arts education to adults with special needs. Their students are aged between 18 to 43. Their work to arm these students with the confidence and skills to assimilate into the regular world, has Ng’s support. Gem & Bread caters to all types of special needs including autism, Down’s Syndrome, cerebral palsy, happy puppet syndrome, slow learners and and many more. With a background in the performing arts, Sharanya had done a module called applied drama and continued with a postgraduate degree in special needs. She realised that back home, there was a need for a creative arts education programme to enhance social skills and confidence in adults with special needs. So she returned to Malaysia and with co-founder Teresa Tan, started Gem & Bread. Believing that a creative arts education and job training go hand in hand, Gem & Bread trains students in quill art, beading, baking and how to work in retail establishments like a café. Through education in drama, art, dance and music therapy, students also learn to be independent. The center is self-funded but during this year of repeated lockdowns, fundraising has been challenging. The students have been selling bread and cookies to help keep the center open. In the long term, Gem & Bread hopes to introduce its teaching modules to other job training centers. “We believe in the power of the creative arts and would like all adults with special needs to have an equal opportunity to lead happy and meaningful lives,’’ said Sharanya. Sharanya hopes this collaboration with Ng will help, in a big way, towards achieving these goals. It will also create a community of people with special needs who are proud to contribute to the progress of the country.

Donate by purchasing these rare photographs, personalised autographed by Wymin for the benefit of Gem & Bread

By Yap Leng Kuen, Chief Storyteller, The Artisans Haven

Full Story at www.artisanshaven.com.my/blog/sales_in_aid_of_autistic_adults