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Pott Glasses

An idea born in Malaysia, Pott Glasses celebrates the sublimity of traditional glasses with a ‘mamak’ twist, with a meticulous focus on creating that veritable Asian fit. We strive to reach the combination of efficiency, excellence and elegance. We provide bespoke advice on the choice of glasses. We take into account the face shape, the outfit and the occasion to emphasise your own face to best effect. Our repertoire offers a diverse range of shapes and colours – for you to choose that exquisite pair that does not draw much attention to itself and yet does unleash your confidence and highlight your character.

At Pott Glasses, we work directly and closely with experienced manufacturers to ensure the fine finish of our eyewear. Working directly with manufacturers also means a supply chain completely free of middleman costs to bring to you glasses at a decent price. We believe that glasses should be moderately priced and everyone should have a second pair – for a signature style, for a unique identity, for a fresh look.


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