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Based on the results from a survey, most women describe themselves as “fairly average” and have “low self-confidence” when asked how would they rate their ‘Natural Beauty’. Women nowadays tend to cover their imperfect faces with heavy makeup. At Mageline World, we want to empower women and let them feel confident again in their own skin, with their natural beauty.

Founded by Ms. Guo Miao, Mageline was established to create natural and effective skin care solutions that focus on enhancing women’s natural beauty. Some of their signature products include their Mageline 3-Step Skin Care, and their revolutionary pre-serum with 830,000 plant stem cells, Mageline Reverse Time Essence. Mageline has over 50 skin care products to cater for different skin types and skin concerns, and is also safe for pregnant women and breastfeeding mums.

With over 30 million customers served to date, Mageline uses only the most advanced technology, as well as the best, natural, safe, eco-friendly and effective ingredients in their products - both aspects being the key to the widespread success they enjoy today.


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