Japanese Kimono, Yukata and Related Accessories

Want to dress up like a Japanese? We have everything you need from head to toe. We do provide a wide range of traditional Japanese kimono, yukata and belts from different fabrics for you to select from. We also have various colours and sizes of wooden clogs (geta) for you to match your outfit. You can also purchase a variety of Japanese style handmade hairclips.

Only 1 piece available per design.

RM 300.00

Handmade Vintage Kimono Zip Clutch / Pouch / Wristlet

This zip clutch is made from vintage kimono obi (belt). We repurposed it into a zip pouch where you can fit in your keys, cards, wallet and phone. This zip clutch comes with a handle made from artificial pearls and rhinestone. Suitable for formal evening and events. This zip clutch is perfect as a gift as well. Customization and corporate gift sets are welcomed. We have plenty of kimono and obi for selection. Each is unique and rare.

RM 179.00

Japanese Kimono & Yukata Rental Service

We provide traditional Japanese kimono and yukata rental service. Over 40+ designs selections for female and male, inclusive of belt and wooden clogs (geta). We do accept corporate rental service for event purposes and workshops as well.

RM 69.00

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Company: Kuma Yukata
Contact person: Samantha

Celebrate Japanese culture and fashion by renting or purchasing vintage kimonos and yukatas from Kuma Yukata! Stocking only the most fashionable and stylish traditional Japanese garb, Kuma Yukata also offers a wide range of belts, clutches and tote bags upcycled from unused kimono fabric, perfect for your own personal collection or for wowing your colleagues at corporate events. Check out their Instagram at @kuma_yukata to view their complete list of products and services! 


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