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In this day and age, how we dress and style ourselves is paramount to how we will be perceived by others. If you’re completely confounded by the mystical rules of fashion, here’s a good tip you might like to follow: do try to invest in a few outfits that could be worn on different occasions, and elevate your entire look by pairing some accessories with your ensemble. If you’re not sure where to start looking for accessories, some of the best timeless silver pieces could be found at CW Classic Jewellery.

Having opened their doors for business over eighteen years ago, CW Classic Jewellery’s humble beginnings started at a small mall kiosk. Founded by Taiwanese citizen Ms. Wong Xiao Ying, CW was inspired by her very first trip to Malaysia, when Ms. Wong was fascinated by some tiny silver trinkets that she had come across. Since then, she has been dedicated to the craft of designing and creating quality silver products, which helped to expand and build the CW brand.

Today, CW Classic Jewellery has successfully moved into an actual shop lot in Spectrum Mall, Ampang and is recognized for its excellent quality accessories. One of the key aspects contributing to their success comes down to simply having a host of friendly staff members and reasonably priced products. In addition to that, CW also provides many different types of designs for buyers to choose from, from the modern, Korean-style accessories to the more classical, elegant jewellery pieces.

Check out their physical store at Spectrum Shopping Mall Ampang if you’d like to peruse their large range of silver jewellery. Otherwise, you can also find CW Classic Jewellery’s latest products on their Facebook page at facebook.com/CW-Classic-Jewellery-102213011362410.



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