Breeze For You

Breeze Cup

- 100% medical-grade equivalent silicone.
- Reusable for 5-10 years with proper care.
- Made in Malaysia.
- Small: Suitable for women who have not given birth naturally (i.e via vaginal delivery).
- Large: Suitable for women who have given birth naturally or have weak pelvic floor muscles.
- Sterilize on-the-go with Breeze Container & Cup Sterilizer in 8 minutes.

RM 66.00

Breeze Container

- Great for existing menstrual cup users!
- Collapsible silicone container, perfect for sterilizing and storing your cup.
- Sterilize on the go with Cup Sterilizer in 8 minutes.

RM 55.00

Cup Sterilizer

- Sterilization tablet for menstrual cups that is safe for the skin (NaDCC-based).
- Eliminates 99.999% microbial activity.
- pH 5.5 - 6.7
- Sterilize on the go with Breeze Container in 8 minutes.

RM 24.00

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Company: Breeze For You
Founder: Alyssa Ng

Spread the breeze with Breeze For You! Founded by sports enthusiast Alyssa Ng, Breeze For You is a revolutionary movement to ease and improve women’s menstrual experiences – so say hello to leak-free, travel-friendly periods with the Breeze Cup, Breeze Container and Cup Sterilizer. Follow Breeze For You’s journey online at breezeforyou.com, facebook.com/breezeforyoumy and instagram.com/breezeforyou_


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