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Handcrafted Colourful Butterfly Heels

This handcrafted colourful butterfly shoes comes with a heightening sole. Forget heels and go for comfort with this pair of artisanal shoes.

RM 439.00

Korean Design White Jacket and Crystal Pink Vest

Feeling the K-pop fever? This crystal pink vest with reflective butterfly prints comes with a white lace jacket. This casual and exciting outfit is sure to impress.

RM 369.00

Limited Edition Korean Design Crystal Jeans

Feeling the K-pop fever? This limited edition crystal-design torn jeans with patch work is surely the streetwear to be seen in. 100% hot, 100% cool.

RM 239.00

Limited Edition Korean Design Crystal T-shirt

This limited edition Hello Kitty crystal design T-shirt is made of pure cotton. No sweat about it. Sport it up with a pair of crystal torn jeans.

RM 239.00

Handcrafted Crystal High Heels

Feel like partying and painting the town red? This handcrafted crystal high heels pairs well with a skirt. Forget about practicality and have some flirty fun.

RM 395.00

Korean Customised Denim Suspender Skirt

Feeling like a laidback weekend? This customised Korean design denim suspender skirt is loose and comfortable for the weekend walkabout or the day-to-day run about.

RM 268.00

Limited Edition Pink Shirt Metal Design

Not planning to dress up with your girlfriends for the weekend? Having some quiet time together instead? You can dress down with this oversized and comfortable pink shirt metal design.

Limited edition

RM 178.00

Limited Edition Rose Design White Crystal Denim Shorts

Don't feel like dressing up but still want to be noticed? This pair of denim shorts with rose prints will beat the heat and you will still look fantastic in it.

RM 169.00

Crystal Design Temperament Shirt

Tie it up or don't tie it up, you'll still look good in it. This temperament lady's shirt is of its highest quality. Match it with a pair of torn jeans for a casual occasion.

RM 178.00

Crystal Design Fisherman's Hat

Having a bad hair day? This ultra chic crystal design fisherman's hat will put your worries away. The knitted fabric is highly breathable and it comes in black or pink. Take both if you have to.

RM 169.00

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520 Style Boutique offers a wide range of fashionable & chic outfits for ladies looking to look and feel good. Their outfits are very affordable too.

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In the fast-paced world of ever-changing fashion trends and styles, it might be difficult to stay on top of all the latest fads. Not to worry – when it comes to fashion choices, the best place to find a crisp new look would be none other than Five Two O Style Boutique. Regardless of whether you’re looking to spice up your daily wear with some accessories or if you want to revamp your wardrobe, with Five Two O Style Boutique, you’ll be looking effortlessly chic in no time!

Located at Unit G137 at the Ground Floor of Sungei Wang Plaza, Five Two O Style Boutique’s presence has been making waves in the fashion community since its establishment. One of the most unique aspects about their products would be their unmistakable innate sense of individuality. Unlike other clothing brands, Five Two O only stocks one of each and every piece of clothing and accessory in their product range, creating an ever-changing catalogue and a one-of-a-kind look for every customer.

While every product has their own distinct designs, Five Two O Style Boutique’s range of clothing is generally styled after Korean trends and often feature eye-catching crystals - perfect for shoppers who would like to add some bling to their everyday wear!

Don’t forget to drop by Five Two O Style Boutique when you shop at Sungei Wang Plaza, or visit them virtually by liking and following their social media at facebook.com/520style, where they post about their latest updates and live stream their sales.



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