SPC 4mm WP Laminated Floor

One of the latest trends in home design this year is SPC flooring (Stone Plastic Composite). This engineered luxury combines limestone powder and stabilizers to create an extremely durable core. SPC flooring is 100% waterproof and has an enhanced stability structure. Even when submerged underwater, topical spills or moisture, it is not an issue as a reasonable amount of time can be taken for proper cleaning without damaging the floor.

- Waterproof floorboard, anti-scratch, anti-slip, antibacterial, anti-termite
- 1220mm x 184mm x 4mm; 29.24 sqft/12 planks
- Price: Per box

RM 158.00

3mm Dry Back Vinyl Tile

Vinyl flooring is a great choice, particularly for kitchen and bathroom applications. With its water-resistant, stain-resistant, versatile and durable characteristics, vinyl flooring is suitable for residential homes and commercial settings where high traffic is constant. In homes, vinyl flooring is often used in high moisture areas such as kitchens and dining rooms where a significant amount of moisture is expected as minimal maintenance is required.

- Affordable residential floor, antibacterial, anti-slip
- 183mm x 915mm x 3mm; 36 sqft/20 planks
- Price: Per box

RM 115.00

8mm HDF Laminated Floor

Laminate flooring is an excellent choice for those looking for floor with wood appearance and delivers great value. Packed with easy living advantages, modern generation laminates are ideal for homes and moderate commercial areas. The easy maintenance for laminate floors gives it a competitive edge; all it needs is regular vacuuming and mopping to keep it looking great for a long period.

- Water-resistance floorboard, anti-slip, anti-scratch
- 1216mm x 197mm x 8mm; 30.95 sqft /12 plank
- Price: Per box

RM 88.00

Pool Side Decking

Composite decking imitates the appearance of natural wood with a material that is longer-lasting and requires less maintenance. 360-degree capped composite decking protects against pests, UV exposure and moisture. This material typically has a higher initial cost than other pool deck materials, but its longevity and durability saves time and money long-term.

- Recommended heavy duty outdoor platform
- 5 years warranty
- Maintenance-free
- Price: Per plank

RM 125.00

Conductive Vinyl Sheet

Conductive vinyl sheets are a type of flooring intended to prevent, mitigate, dissipate, conduct, remove or ground excessive static electricity charges on people, furniture, mobile carts and equipment.

- Anti-static, anti-slip, anti-chemical
- 2m x 20m x 2mm; 420 sqft p/roll
- Price: Per roll

RM 3200.00

2.5mm Self-level Compound

Builden S20 is a self-leveling compound. It is a chemical mixture used to smooth uneven concrete or wooden floors. It is ideal for filling dips in wooden floors or for smoothing concrete ones. It is very important to have an even-surfaced floor when planning to place ceramic tiles or any other floorings because uneven surfaces cause tiles to crack.

- Easy DIY self-levelling for uneven subfloor
- Price: Per 25kg bag

RM 52.00

Nail-free Bonding

VT-230 Vital Nails is a one-component, high performance, paste-like construction adhesive sealant formulated to bond a variety of common construction materials. It has strong initial grab, superior adhesion and will not slump on vertical surfaces.

Ideal for bonding of skirting boards of wood and PVC, particleboard, masonry, aluminium, galvanized iron, steel, concrete, fibrous cement sheeting, wall brick, concrete and flooring paneling.

- Mirror and polystyrene safe
- Strong initial grab
- Non-drip paste
- Excellent adhesion on most substrates
- Price: Per tube (minimum 1 dozen)

RM 9.50

Coloured Gap Sealant

It uses the clear cartridge to enable the user to choose the colour that matches their building materials.

- Various colours available
- Dries true to wet colour
- Permanently flexible
- Price: Per tube (minimum 1 dozen)

RM 8.00

V-tech Vinyl Adhesive

VT-780 Vinyl Adhesive is a high-strength, water-based, and easy-to-spread adhesive designed for installing vinyl floor coverings like vinyl planks, vinyl sheets, vinyl tiles etc. onto most types of subfloor surfaces. The adhesive will become tacky and is able to grab resilient vinyl floors, easing installation works especially when the subfloor is not 100% even.

- Brown vinyl adhesive
- Price: Per 20kg drum

RM 280.00

Matte Marmorino Decor Coating

VELLPLAS Matte Marmorino provides simple application of a ready-mixed coat with subtle, luxurious design of a subtly textured matte finish. This easy to apply decorative plaster can product endless shading, texture and patterning to suit any interior design. During installation, patterns and texture can be introduced, giving a unique look to any interior, with the matte finish giving a subtle and quality finish.

- Used to create cloudy aesthetic & chromatic effects on wall
- Price: Per 5kg

RM 131.00

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One of the toughest decisions that new homeowners and business owners alike would have to face would be choosing the type of flooring and finishing that would fit best with their family or branding. For many, this decision will affect their quality of life for years to come, making the choice an even more difficult one. There is, however, a type of flooring that is suitable for all kinds of needs - namely vinyl flooring, and in Malaysia, there’s no better distributer of vinyl flooring than SF Floormart and Hardware.

In total, there are three product series offered at SF Floormart and Hardware, which are residential, commercial and industrial flooring. For residential and commercial use, customers would be able to choose from a wide array of flooring designs, colours and patterns, in pursuit of building ideal spaces for family and work life. As for industrial use, SF Floormart provides homogeneous vinyl flooring, which is perfect for heavy duty use in hospital buildings, pharmaceutical industries, food production companies, and many more.

As a distributer for the international flooring brand, Pasa Dena, SF Floormart and Hardware firmly believes in putting the customer first, and provides only the highest quality products and services for all their clients. Their services can be extended to states all over Malaysia, from KL and Selangor to Melaka, Johor, and even East Malaysia, as they have agents based all over the country.

Don’t hesitate to get in contact with them via their website at www.vinylflooringmalaysia.com - and watch this space for more information about SF Floormart and Hardware!


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