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Batik Facemask

The new go-to reusable face masks made from traditional Batik with hand-blocked printing method.

Our Batik facemasks are made with:
✅ Pocket available for additional filter
✅ Authentic designs
✅ 3-layer protection
✅ Adjustable ear-loop

RM 15.00

Batik DIY Painting Kit

Get a meaningful experience with family and friends with our Batik colouring sets. Spread joy and explore your creativity with colours and bond with your loved ones with this relaxing activity.

The Batik coloring set comes with:
✅ Batik wax design of choice
✅ 3 Batik colour dyes
✅ Colouring palette
✅ 1 paintbrush

Buy 5 sets, FREE 1 set!

RM 20.00

Silk Scarf

Experience the whimsical sensation of softness and sophistication with this vibrant silk scarf which instantly sets the mood and makes a great partner as a fashion statement. Suitable as a sophisticated gift or an addition to your collection.

100% hand-drawn Malaysian Batik silk.

RM 188.00

Batik Fabric

Block-printed batik is one of the oldest traditional technique of making batik in Malaysia. In the early days, artists used wooden block carved with patterns as mould to print batik. Later in the 1960s, artists started to use copper and zinc to make batik blocks. The design is perfect for shirts, dresses, quilting apparel and home decor accents. This is the best quality cotton batik and our collection comes in a beautiful range of colours and designs, sold by meter (only whole number) and cut to order. Minimum is 1 meter.

Price (per meter): RM38

RM 38.00


This exclusive hand-drawn Malaysian Batik Pareo with tropical flowers inspired motif design is hand-painted on 100% high quality span cotton. It is the perfect choice for gifting or adding flavour to your wardrobe during a getaway trip to the beach as it triples as a shawl, scarf, wrap skirt, and many more.

RM 280.00


The go-to traditional Batik sarong for ladies. It is wrapped around the waist and is a common wear in Southeast Asia since the earlier days.

Comes in a variety of floral motif designs.

RM 48.00


This exclusive Batik Yukata or kimono with traditional elements inspired motif design is hand-printed on 100% high quality cotton. Breathtaking combination of traditional inspired motifs with its vibrant variation that instantly brightens the usual wardrobe. Perfect choice as a gift or to spice up your everyday wardrobe with an easy twist of Japanese yukata design.

RM 98.00


The exclusive hand drawn Malaysian Batik Kaftan with its motif is inspired by the traditional elements of Malaysian flora. Hand-drawn on 100% high quality Fuji cotton. Trusted choice as a gift or to spice up your everyday wardrobe. Lightweight, breathable 100% Fuji cotton material is a number one priority especially catering as home attire, for gifting, and many more!

RM 198.00

Men's Shirts (Silk)

Long-sleeve Batik shirt is considered formal dress code for men in Malaysia. You can wear it to attend formal occasions like weddings, ceremonies and formal meetings in Malaysia. It is light, breathable and cooling. Perfect fashion material to in our tropical climate.

RM 588.00

Men's Shirts (Cotton)

Malaysian-style Hawaiian shirt. It is colourful and unique. Comfortable in hot climate too. It is the perfect choice to spice up your everyday casual wear and brighten the mood of everyone. The fabric of the shirt is authentic Malaysian Batik using block printed method.

RM 98.00

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Company: Jadi Batek
Founders: Mr. & Mrs. JC Yong  

If art is the soul of mankind, then culture is the center of civilization. From hard won battles for Malaysia’s independence to the exploration of multiethnic traditions and values, our shared history has always been the thread of connection keeping us together as a society. In the midst of 21st century challenges, it’s easy to overlook the importance of preserving Malaysian culture and heritage, but sometimes, it’s only when we look back that we know how to move forward. 

Founded in 1976, Jadi Batek has made it their mission to preserve, innovate and lead the evolution of batik arts, creating artistic masterpieces designed to enrich lives both locally and internationally. Built by power couple Mr. and Mrs. JC Yong and now passed on to their son, Colin Yong, Jadi Batek strives to be the epicenter of handmade batik arts, and to create a space for the craft in modern lifestyles. 

Complete with their very own in-house batik artist team, Jadi Batek captures the very essence of traditional batik-making through painstakingly hand-making their crafts, all while innovating and staying ahead of modern fashion trends. Some of the handicrafts produced include facemasks, DIY Batik sets, silk scarves, pareo, and many more. Additionally, batik-making classes are also conducted for those interested in trying their hand at the art form. 

Follow Jadi Batek on their social media platforms at Facebook ( and Instagram ( to keep updated with all their latest news. Find out more about Jadi Batek’s core values and full range of products at, or send them a message directly through Whatsapp at


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