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Moon Wolf Handmade Soap (2 pcs set)

The night of the full moon. Did the wolf appear? Turn this handmade soap into an art piece!

2 pieces of design soap per set.

Each soap weighs 95gm+/-

RM 58.00

Moisture Handmade Soaps (Buy 3 Free 1)

Choose any 3 types of handmade soaps from the below category, and get 1 more FREE (randomly pick from the same category)!

- Honey Marseille Soap
- Soy Milk Nourish Soap
- Gromwell Root Marseille Soap
- Patchouli Herbal Soap

Each soap weighs 95gm+/-

RM 58.00

Catch the Moon Handmade Soaps (2 pcs set)

Whether it's new moon or full moon, it's still missing someone… Turn this handmade soap into an art piece!

2 pieces of design soap in a set (Randomly pick with different moon shapes)

RM 58.00

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*** Note: All our soaps are handmade using natural plant oils, natural plant powder or clay powder or mica powder.


Company name: Hello Soapz
Founder: Sean

Say hello to Hello Soapz and their exquisite collection of soaps! 100% handmade with all-natural ingredients such as plant oils, plant powders, and essential oils, all soaps featured by Hello Soapz are gentle on the skin and eco-friendly, as they help to reduce chemical pollution on earth. Additionally, Hello Soapz also accepts special requests, from creating breast milk soaps from breast milk collected from their owners to customising soaps as door gifts for corporate events or weddings. Follow them at facebook.com/hellosoapz!


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