Corvan PicaMop T7 Cordless Electric Mop (CP4-T7)

-Stress-free mopping ; NO MORE back-stress and aching muscle
-Save 60% time in floor mopping
-Save average 10 litre water
-Eliminate the use of floor cleaning chemical
-Provide polishing effect as the floor gets to be superbly cleaned
-Easiest to upkeep. Absolutely NO clumsy cleaning after use.

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RM 768.00

Corvan Cordless Anti-Tangle Stick Vacuum Dust Mite/Mattress Cleaning Tool (CCV-K9)

-Lightweight and easy to use.
-Clean floors with ultra strong suction power
-No hair entanglement with Anti-Tangle brush
-Suitable for all areas with multiple attachments
-Clean large areas with up to 40mins runtime
-Breathe clean air with 3-stage HEPA filtration
-Peace of mind with 5 years vacuum motor warranty, 1 year body and battery warranty

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RM 698.00

Corvan Water-proof Cordless Power Scrub (CP5-P6)

-High and Consistent Torque Motor - Remove stains effortlessly
-Waterproof (IPx7 rating) - Submerge in water up to 1m consistently for 30 minutes
-Multiple accessorie: One step to remove and install various cleaning tools for multi-surface cleaning (Sponge Pad, Scouring Pad, Microfibre Pad, Hard Nylon Brush, Long Nylon Brush)
-Cordless and Tangle-Free
-Adjustable Length: 49cm (Without handle) & 132cm (Full length with extendable handle)
-Anti-Slip Handle
-60 degree Tilting Angle - For better control when scrubbing

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RM 468.00

Corvan Air Fryer F50 XXL Full size 5L

-Fat-free healthy & tasty cooking
-Fry, girl, bake and roast with virtually no oil!
-Serves of up to 8 pax with XXL 5L frying pan
-Easy cooking with 8 preset cooking program
-Endless recipes with and manual setting
-Easy to clean with non-stick removable frying pan
-Cook up to 50% faster than oven with instant heating

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RM 338.00

Corvan Stand Mixer M47 DC Motor 4.7L

-Ultra-silent operation- making mixing comfortable
-Stable during mixing with 6 industrial suction cups
-No messy splatters with soft start technology
-Saves up to 50% electricity with efficient DC motor
-Elegant & modern design

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RM 488.00

Corvan Multi-function Rice Cooker C20 (with Low Sugar Program) 2L

-Healthy & Tasty meals with low sugar rice program
-Serves of up to 6 pax with 2L inner pot with normal rice
-Wide variety of 12 cooking programs
-Elegant & modern design
-Easy to clean with non-stick pot and detachable inner lid
-Free rice spoon, steam basket and measuring cup

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RM 368.00

Corvan Multi-function Rice Cooker C15 (with Low Sugar Program) 1.5L

-Healthy & Tasty meals with low sugar rice program
-Serves of up to 4 pax with 1.5L inner pot with normal rice
-Wide variety of 9 cooking programs
-Elegant & modern design
-Easy to clean with non-stick pot and detachable inner lid
-Free rice spoon, steam basket and measuring cup

Please refer to Corvan Official Website :-

RM 298.00

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Now more than ever before, smart and convenient home-cleaning appliances are essential to all households, as they not only ensure a germ-free environment, but also help to save time that could otherwise be spent on other activities. If you’re wondering where to find reliable smart products, let us introduce Corvan Asia, where technology meets home gadgets.

Since its establishment in 2000, Corvan Asia has been a leading industry expert that has helped countless busy families keep up with their chores. The secret behind Corvan Asia’s success simply boils down to the three founding principles of their products, namely performance, reliability and durability, as well as ease of use and upkeep. As part of their brand, Corvan Asia provides only the best before, during and after-sales services, another unique aspect that sets them apart from the rest.

One of their most exceptional products is the picaBot AI series, a collection of floor-cleaning machines that will sweep, mop and vacuum your entire home without needing any manual assistance. Say goodbye to the days of inefficient cleaning and missed patches of dirt - with the picaBot’s advanced AI technology, these machines can now map out your home, determine the most efficient routes for cleaning, and also let you have real-time tracking of all its movements.

Some of Corvan Asia’s other smart home appliances are comprised of the Corvan Cordless Vacuum, Corvan picaMop, and Corvan Power Scrub, each of which have been modified and improved to provide the best possible cleaning services to all users.

For those interested in purchasing or just getting to know more about their products, do visit corvan.com.my. For more special offers and product highlights, follow them on their social media pages at facebook.com/CorvanAsia, instagram.com/corvan_asia/, and youtube.com/channel/UCbYtOlJ9McTDyG0x-MMJgZg.


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