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Natural Life : Pencil Pouch Kindness Matters

Keep your pens and pencils organized, both at your desk or in your bag! This Pencil Pouch is so colourful & comes printed with an inspiring sentiment, making it both functional and fun to carry! You can also use it for your lip gloss, money, hair ties… all the stuff that gets lost in the bottom of your purse!

-> SKU: BAG346
-> 100% polyester
-> 8in L x 4in W
-> Double sided design with colourful zipper
-> Unlined

*Price includes delivery

RM 38.55

Natural Life : Sticker Sheet Face The Sunshine

We LOVE stickers! Inspire others with these happy stickers by decorating your laptop, locker, car or just about any surface with these super-cute, laminated stickers! Keep some & share the rest!

-> SKU: STCK031
-> Paper
-> 7in L x 5.5in W
-> Set of 4 stickers. One of each sticker on sticker sheet.

*Price includes delivery

RM 18.30

Natural Life : Corner Magnet Good Friends Are Stars

Corner Magnets make the sweetest little gifts! Find the perfect one for everyone in your life... your best friend, mom, teacher, dog walker and more! They feature a heartfelt sentiment with original Natural Life artwork. You can place it on your refrigerator or use the built-in easel to rest on a desk!

-> SKU: MAG201
-> L:6.4 x W:6.4 cm
-> Acrylic, paper, metal, magnet, cardboard
-> Magnet back with attached cardboard easel

*Price includes delivery

RM 25.85

Natural Life : Happy Pen Set Friends Forever

We LOVE these Happy Pens!! They come as a set of two so you can keep one & pass the other to a friend! Each one is printed with a sweet sentiment to inspire you and the people around you!

-> SKU: PEN006
-> Plastic
-> 5in L
-> Blue ink. Rollerball, medium point pen with snap on capped lid.

*Price includes delivery

RM 27.30

Natural Life : Journals Live Happy

Live Happy Journal

-> SKU: JRNL026
-> Paper, elastic
-> 7.25in L x 5in W x 0in H
-> Built in folder and elastic closure

*Price includes delivery

RM 38.55

Natural Life : Set of 2 Journals Be The Change

Be the Change

-> SKU: JRNL030
-> Paper
-> 6in L x 4in W x .25in H
-> Set of 2 - each journal has unique artwork and 32 unlined pages

*Price includes delivery

RM 29.55

Natural Life : Tiny Block Enjoy Little Things

These sweet Tiny Block Keepsakes feature original Natural Life art and inspiring quotes! This perfect little gift holds a message from the heart that she can display anywhere in her home!

-> SKU: KPS132
-> L:6.3 x H:2.3 x W:6.3cm
-> Wood
-> Real wood with gold foil details

*Price includes delivery

RM 27.30

Natural Life : File Folder Do Your Thing

Why have a plain, boring folder when you can have one as fun as these! They come as a set of 6 durable folders printed with bright colours & fun sentiments!

-> SKU: FIFO001
-> 11.75in L x 9in W
-> Set of 6 durable file folders feature bright solid colors on the inside

*Price includes delivery

RM 40.80

Natural Life : Mini Happy Notes Friends

Friends like you are precious and few

-> SKU: MHNT005
-> 3.5in L x 2in W
-> Each pack includes 10 notes of the same design

*Price includes delivery

RM 17.18

Natural Life : Sticky Note Book Kindness Matters

This little book of Sticky Notes is SO fun! It comes with different sizes of colourful notes in a hardback book, making it super easy to throw in your purse, backpack or school box!

-> SKU: MEM008
-> L:10.2 x W:17.1cm
-> Paper
-> 5 page flags and 2 sticky notes in hard booklet cover

*Price includes delivery

RM 31.80

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Patti Hughes
(Founder / CEO / Chief Creative Officer)

During tough periods in life, sometimes all we need is just one small reason to smile to make everything feel slightly better. Of course, we could always call up a friend, or have good food delivered to us, but if you’d like something that would both motivate you as well as brighten up your room and day - well, you might like to peruse Natural Life’s catalogue of clothing and accessories!

Natural Life was first started by Patti Hughes as a humble keepsake business in her basement. Her passion for handcrafting little accessories and memorabilia stemmed from her childhood days, when her mother would make knick-knacks to be used around the house. With DCR Marketing’s help, Natural Life has many big plans set for its future, but their products will always remain true to their roots - and to this day, Hughes still continues to oversee the quality and creation of every product.

Breathing vibrancy and life back into a world that has faced many dark days, Natural Life’s products are designed with their motto, ‘Live Happy’, in mind, giving all creations a unique, free-spirited vibe. In a market where everything else is dull and minimalistic, these little treasures simply burst with colour and personality, a refreshing deviation from the norm.

Some of Natural Life’s products would range from home and kitchen items, such as tote bags, mugs, and water bottles, to car accessories, stationery, personal care items, and many more. A clothing line will also be released in the near future, so do keep an eye out for that!

Check out Natural Life at or follow them on social media for more exciting future updates. Their Facebook page can be found at and their Instagram page at


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