Treasures for precious moments at home

As many people are staying many hours at home during this period of high alert against Covid-19, they will want their environment to be pleasing and comfortable. Home is not only a place where we work, it is also a place where we find comfort and memories of being happy together with our loved ones. There are treasures from The Artisans Haven that will add to these precious moments at home.

  • Treasures from the Natural Life Home Living collection are nice to look at with their colourful designs; they also come with happy messages while their nature-inspired motifs bring us closer to nature itself.

  • New scents from Candle Pit Stop (CPS), in time for Valentine’s Day, include Caramel Macchiato to appeal to the coffee enthusiast; Dark Chocolate Delight; Naught Smooches with a raspberry and burgundy rose blend and Strawberry Shortcake.

  • At Stonedale Crystal, customers are encouraged to choose crystals that resonate with them; among the popular range, natural citrines that are not artificially heated in ovens, are in. Against the belief that crystals emit energizing and calming vibrations, citrine is known for its stabilizing effects while attracting wealth and abundance.

Let’s all make the house a cosy, fun and inviting place that we can call home.