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Known as the Land of the Rising Sun and home to all things weird and wonderful, Japan is renowned for many excellent qualities, ranging from their civilians’ civility to their cutting edge technology - and recently, their high fashion, which has been rising to global popularity. Elegant, poised, and just so subtly charming, those who would like an added a touch of sophistication to their daily wear can turn to Janoka, the producer of some of the best Japan-inspired accessories in Malaysia.

Taking its name from a clever twist of both of the founders’ names, Katherine and Nicole, as well as the word ‘Japan’, Janoka was formed with the goal of bringing Japanese-style handcrafted earrings into the Malaysian market. The main inspiration behind this unique brand is the Kimono, a traditional Japanese garb that is always paired with an ensemble of accessories, which, of course, includes a beautiful set of earrings.

Crafted only from the finest authentic Japanese materials, all of Janoka’s earrings are lovingly handmade and designed with a minimalistic concept in mind. Even so, each set of earrings have just enough artistic flair that they would suit all kinds of personal fashion preferences, setting them apart from the rest.

Some of their top collections would include the Swarovski Series, Resin Flora Series, Pearl Series, as well as exclusive Limited Edition designs. As Janoka’s earrings are created on a seasonal basis and may not be available all year round, don’t hesitate to grab the chance to purchase any of their eye-catching accessories before they go out of stock!

To view Janoka’s full range of earrings, visit for more information on their collections and bestsellers. For those who would like to know when their latest promotions will be or what their newest designs will look like, follow them on and


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