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We love to create, design and execute branding projects with a personal touch. We are enthusiastic to provoke the appreciation of art and spreading out positive vibes through unconventional designs. We believe that the world is abundant in beauty, love and full of colours. Let’s cherish and embrace the world! Connect with art and be your best self.

Dream Journal is our first flagship creation. We hope that everyone manages to find their purpose in life and live their dreams. Life is too short not to do what you want to accomplish. Let's catch our dreams! Transform dreams into reality by setting goals that can be broken down into doable steps. Dream big. Push yourself past self-imposed boundaries, and grow along with your dreams!

We don’t keep many items in stock, so each creation is custom-made uniquely for you, reducing waste and hopefully the need for mass-produced goods.

By choosing Evoke's products, you've chosen to say 'Yes' to supporting people, wildlife and this planet which has been taking care of all the nature. Purchase with a purpose - each purchase helps us continue to fund literacy and social programs for the needy and wildlife. Let’s co-exist with love and compassion for a better world!

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