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Cloth Bag (1 Unit)

Multipurpose cotton fabric bag with beautifully embroidered motifs.

RM 18.00

Toilet Roll Holder (1 Unit)

Cotton fabric toilet roll holder with beautifully embroidered motifs - a very practical item to have in bathrooms.

RM 28.00

Toilet Roll Holder & Cloth Bag

Multipurpose cotton fabric bag & toilet roll holder with beautifully embroidered motifs.

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Show your unwavering support for underprivileged communities when you purchase these functional yet beautiful cloth products - all only from Community Excel Services! Having begun as a little passion project called Sew Special, this initiative has since grown into an international venture, featuring products such as toilet roll holders and cloth bags that were sewn by a group of single mothers and embroidered by a local special needs community. Check out their unique product designs at Facebook.com/CESmalaysia.


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