Rose Handbag

Material: Paper rattan
Average size: 22 cm x 32cm x 12cm
Pattern and colour: Various colour and shapes
Description: Suitable for outings, dinners, souvenirs and gifts for any occasion.
Price: from RM190 to RM220

RM 190.00


Material: Toho beads, golden Toho beads, and crystal glass beads
Description: Earrings for your loved ones, from simple to formal function, parties, and dinners etc.
Price: from RM25 to RM40

RM 25.00

Face Mask Lanyard

Material: Toho beads, seed beads, crystal and glass pearl
Description: A practical yet elegant lanyard for holding your face mask anywhere and anytime.
Price: from RM5 to RM15

RM 5.00

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Company: Caropaya Handicraft
Founder: Caroline Jok Ngau

Stand out from the crowd and add a touch of handmade charm to your outfits with handicrafts created by the one and only Caropaya Handicraft! Offering a wide range of products, such as their jaw-dropping and bestselling Rose Handbag, stunning earrings and convenient face mask lanyards, you’ll be able to comfortably pick and choose between the array of colourful designs. Read more about Caropaya Handicraft on their social media: facebook.com/carols.natural777).


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