Relax and Unwind

It’s been a tough time grappling with Covid-19 infections; finally, the numbers are coming down.

After so much anxiety and stress, let’s chill out a bit and recharge for the task of ahead of rebuilding and reviving.

The Artisans Haven has a range of products that will appeal to your senses, and help you relax and unwind.

You can start with a nice cup of tea, followed by a cooling facial and aromatherapy, then jot down your thoughts while surrounded by cuddly friends.

Seven Tea One

WIth nine types of handcrafted infusion teas, and six varieties of childhood cookies, Seven Tea One has some of the best products for a relaxing teatime.

Their handcrafted teas are 100% natural, made from Malaysian herbs, spices and flowers; the teas are caffeine-free and dehydrated to perfection which maintains their aromatic fragrance and nutritional values.

Meanwhile, the cookies evoke comforting memories of childhood.

“Our telang pandan tea, for example, is so calming and great for relaxation,’’ says Lai Chong Haur of Seven Tea One, an accredited social enterprise that supports the differently-abled and marginalized communities.

“Customers find that the teas with the cookies and cakes, are just perfect for teatime … each sip leaves them refreshed, satisfied and yearning for more … they also love the aroma of the tea leaves.

“We usually drink the teas as breakfast tea, and for calming sessions at night, after dinner,’’ says Chong Haur.

The cookies and teas can be accompanied by the range of dried fruits, which are made from natural fresh fruits, and dehydrated under a controlled environment to maintain the original taste of the fruits.

Mageline World

Enjoy pampering your skin after a long, stressful day.

“There’s nothing like unwinding with a cool face mask that comes with negative ions to take the worries away,’’ says Shirley Swu of Mageline World.

Among the soothing products are the:

  • Biomass Graphene Luminous & Revitalizing Eye Mask to ease the strain on our eyes;

  • Biomass Graphene Soothing and Rejuvenating Mask to replenish our dull skin. (Sometimes, stress shows up on our skin as dullness).

The four types of Biomass Graphene Masks help to hydrate, brighten, soothe and rejuvenate our skins.

These environment and skin-friendly masks that are also soft and breathable, feel incredible on the skin and can be used by everyone in the family.

“We love spending time with our families while using any of these four types of masks,’’ says Shirley. “It just adds a little more fun to family time.’’


Jotting down our ideas, thoughts and dreams in journals … planning our day ahead … all these help us to relax and soothe the tensions away.

At VIVE, the colourful motifs on the Batik Planner series are calming and inviting to the senses.

“It helps to transcend us into a world of serenity; great as a companion as we cool off and jot down our memorable notes,’’ says Chong Foong Yin of VIVE.

A client tells Foong Yin: “It is not only pleasing to the eye but it also helps me to unwind and inspires the creativity within me.

“I always have it with me and I love to share my personal thoughts in it. The soothing colour mix together with traditional motifs, is really refreshing and brings out the emotions of the good ole days.’’

Another client shared: “My wife always has it as her travel companion … a journal where she jots down notes and sketches, and where she pastes all the nitty witty memorabilia during the journey.

“My kids also love them as they are a perfect gift for anyone special.’’

Star Rose Handcraft

Enjoy the calming scents of essential oils in the container candles made from American soywax.

“We use geranium essential oil which has a sweet aroma and a calming effect; it also helps to reduce feelings of stress, anxiety, sadness and fatigue.

“Meanwhile, lavender creates a relaxing atmosphere that leads to a restful night’s sleep,’’ says Siau Chew Yen of Star Rose Handcraft.

“The container candle is designed as a tilt candle; when customers look at the design, they will already feel relaxed, with a positive outlook that life is colourful,’’ adds Chew Yen.

Frenshi Marketing

Experience the richer and softer texture of handcrafted soap by Nesti Dante Soaps of Italy.

Prepared in the classical cauldron method called saponification, the soap has a long lasting scent due to premium quality control.

You can relax and be assured that Nesti Dante natural soaps, made with love and care in Florence, Italy, are free from mineral oils, parabens or aggressive ingredients.

Nesti Dante produces its own soap noodles starting from premium ‘entire’ oils – the same used to produce pasta, cookies and chocolates.

It boils these raw materials in big cauldrons for four days to obtain a perfect soap base that is free from impurities.

Then, the mixture rests for 24 hours to allow the excess glycerin to be eliminated, thus retaining the beautiful scent and firmness of the soap.

“I’m really in love with the smell, especially the fig & almond milk,’’ a customer shares with Cavin Ng of Frenshi Marketing.

“This is my repeat order. I’m impressed with Nesti Dante bath soap products; after a month of using the products, my skin has become smooth and less dry … it keeps me looking younger,’’ shares another customer.

Trying the Philosophia range of soaps for the first time, another customer says the fragrance is just as nice as the Luxury range, and her Mom loves it so much!

Abbie & Friends

Soft toys have been known to help relieve stress and anxiety, and bring about a sense of comfort and calm.

Cuddling a soft toy is not only a warm experience for a child but can be therapeutic for adults who after a hard day’s work, can unwind with their favourite cuddlies.

At Abbie & Friends, there is a large collection that you can choose from and add on, as you enjoy being with your constant companions.

So take a break … unclutter your mind and enjoy with the products of natural beauty and goodness from The Artisans Haven.


By Yap Leng Kuen, Chief Storyteller, The Artisans Haven


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