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Radiate cheer with some style and fun as we look forward to better days, with more people getting vaccinated against Covid-19. As a new day dawns, dress up … wear some fashion accessories .. feel good and inspire others to also refresh their style. We do not need to splash on new outfits all the time, but with some fine accessories – earrings, brooches, bracelets, pendants, rings and hair clips - from The Artisans Haven, we can have our own, distinctive look.

You may not be a superstar on stage but after all your hard work, you deserve to shower some attention on yourself. In daily life, on special occasions or as gifts, the wonderful variety of accessories on The Artisans Haven will always lend that special touch that makes you unique and beautiful.

“A signature piece is almost like a brand; it’s what people remember you by.

“Pick something that reflects your personality and tell the world a story about who you are,’’ advises Angie Ng of Angie Jewels.

Hot-selling at the moment is The Luna series of adjustable bracelets set in crystals such as aquamarine and amethyst, while the adjustable chains are made from brass with rhodium plating.

Aquamarine crystals help in stress relief and physical healing to bring wellness back to the body; amethysts help to keep away negative energy and enhance the immune system.

Handmade with fresh water pearls, some of the 14K gold-filled earrings at Angie Jewels are also good for gifts.

Use accessories to create fun moments for yourself … to make you look charming.

“To create your own one-of-a-kind accessory, we take into consideration your lifestyle, work, personal style and budget,’’ says Tina Winness whose brand is also called Tina Winness.

Clients like minimalist, unfussy designs in jewellery, that can subtly enhance an outfit or the person’s overall look; it can be worn by a person who has a super simple and clean style in fashion, notes Tina.

Traditionally, bespoke or customized jewellery was designed with a pencil or watercolours; with moden technology, CAD systems are used to deliver highly accurate and extremely flexible designs.

“This also allows me to do presentations for clients to visualize their jewellery,’’ says Tina.

At Rekha Studio, accessories are handcrafted in natural colours from wild perennials found locally.

“With an accessory from us, you bring a piece of nature with you wherever you go.

“Like a wildflower, this lady can bloom in her own ways in the most unlikely places,’’ says Nurul Khalisha of Rekha Studio.

The accessories, which will be great for people who love nature and flowers, are best worn with plain outfits of earth colours to accentuate their modest presence.

They are also worn for their spiritual meaning – the Little Sun collection reminds us that that there will be always a little sunshine to keep us going especially when things get tough.

The Midnight series represents a new colour experiment using charcoal powder where the dark tone had truly accentuated the pressed plants.

Handmade and delicately curated, non-toxic resin and local wildflowers are used to make these costume jewellery at Rekha Studio.

It’s summertime at JANOKA! The Summer Solstice series reflects happy times and good sunshine.

In four series of pearls, preserved flowers, Swarovski crystals and special edition, earrings at JANOKA are designed to bring out the happy and elegant you.

“Each series displays a different style and can be easily matched with different outfits; even with a simple hair-do, they will help to enhance a lady’s elegance,’’ says Katherine Kang of JANOKA.

Dainty with romantic names as Butterfly Dance, Maroon Mermaid and Fairy Tail, JANOKA’s accessories will add beauty to even your casual wear.

Hypoallergenic pure copper accessories with natural gemstones, is the specialty at Dr Beads Handmade Jewellery.

“Accessories add new energy and a little sparkle to your regular style; our copper jewellery is hypoallergenic which is suitable for people with sensitive skin while lending an elegant and luxurious look,’’ says Dr Nalini Velaitham of Dr Beads Handmade Jewellery.

Create a balance by choosing one piece to dominate your look in terms of size and colour, then layer on with more subtle accessories that resonate with your personality and make you happy, advises Dr Nalini.

Her inspiration comes from travelling, architecture, people, cities, shapes and many more; “I’m inspired by how those things make me feel,’’ says Dr Nalini who has crafted a blue apetite bracelet inspired by her yearning for the sea.

Gemstones like turquoise help in depression and feelings of exhaustion, while aiding in creative problem solving; terrahertz clears the mind from stress and worries while boosting your self-confidence.

Wearing copper jewellery can boost your immune system, aid in mineral absorption, help with joint pain and stiffness, increase cardio-vascular health; it also has anti-aging effects.

At D Lapis Lazuli, creations of knitted polymer clay come alive in designs inspired by, among others, nature, drawings and home decor.

An amazing and versatile art material that is available in vibrant colours, polymer clay is a clay-like material from polyvinyl chloride, plasticizer and pigment.

At D Lapis Lazuli, each piece is designed with love and passion, mixed, sculpted, baked, sanded and packaged by hand.

“Gold-plated attachments with polymer clay give a hint of luxury to your outfit; each pair of earrings adds a touch of relaxed feminity and a pop of colour to your outfit,’’ says Htet Htet Aung (Erica) of D Lapis Lazuli.

Polymer clay earrings, for example, with pressed flowers and coated with resin, are extremely lightweight and hypoallergenic; they are safe for people with sensitive skin.

For her designs and colour palettes, Erica explores within her natural environment and sometimes from how she feels.

Accessories at beadit.bysharmak come in charming names and vibrant colours such as in red-bellied beauty which was inspired by the colours of the red-bellied woodpecker.

“I love the zebra stripes on their backs and wings … so energetic and spirited,’’ says Sharmila Kaur of beadit.bysharmk.

Her designs range from feather earrings, Garden of Eden - Tulips, peacock feather earrings; the floral range is inspired by flowers such as hibiscus, bougainvillea, frangipani , sunflowers, sakura and roses.

Other motifs are inspired by, among others, the Granny’s Square Quilt pattern and hand-crochet bags by the artisan tribes of Mexico as well as landscapes and festivals in Malaysia.

Sharmila works with seed beads which are tiny beads with vivid colours; most of her unique creations are earrings.

She finds that using seed beads gives her the luxury of coming up with beautiful designs and colours.

In bold and vibrant colours, Japanese hair clips or Kanzashi by Kuma Yukata are unique and rarely seen in Malaysia.

“They can be worn with traditional attires like the cheongsam and even for annual formal functions.

“They may look simple but the vibrant colours in red, pink and hot pink ribbons, will add spice to your outfit of the day,’’ says Samantha Yong of Kuma Yukata.

Why choose handmade jewellery when you can get ready-made ones?

“Clients want a specific colour, design or crystals that an artisan can craft for them; many like silver or gold charms added to their jewellery while others specify a certain length and their favourite designs.

“You can’t get this customized service at the commercial jewellery shops unless the items are made from gold, which is something that not everyone can afford,’’ says Asha Doshi of Asha’s Handmade.

At Asha’s Handmade, accessories come in different stones and colours that spice up your attire, whether it’s traditional, casual or hip hop.

In terms of stones, green adventurine is energizing and revitalizing; Botswana agate stands for hope and possibility; smoky quartz clears the aura of negativity; the Tiger Eye is for protection.

Wire-wrapped earrings is Asha’s specialty.

For those working from home, accessories from Jessie’s Trinket Trove are perfect for a happy working environment.

“The colours will brighten up your everyday life and your appearance on Zoom meetings; jewellery dresses you up even when you are just wearing jeans and a plain T-shirt,’’ says Jessie Koh of Jessie’s Trinket Trove.

The Warisan Nyonya collection is a new collection handmade by Jessie with different combinations of gemstones, and tiny variations in scrolls and design elements.

Already Friday? Jessie has some carefree themes like wire-wrapped earrings for a bit of boho-chic for the weekend.

For people who love pearls, the Original Classic Whimsical necklace, made from oxidized pure silver and freshwater pearls, can also be used a hairvine.

Jessie draws her inspiration from observing things in life, from structures of buildings to flora, fauna and the ocean.

The love for glass bead accessories has led Danielle Lipang Lawai of Raben Beads to successfully expand her business online.

Rich in colours, detail and variety are beaded mask holders and straps, vintage hoop earrings, wire-wrapped teardrop earrings, mismatched statement earrings as well as a stay-at-home earrings collection.

Using only high quality glass beads, Danielle puts a lot of effort into her beadwork, and ensures that the beads used are not mixed with other types of materials such as ceramic, resin or crystal.

Women who do not wear accessories can try on simple jewellery that will boost their charm and confidence.

After a few times, they will grow to like the combination of outfits and accessories, and experiment with more varieties, says May Wong of CW Classic Jewellery where silver and stainless jewellery, mostly from Korea, are among top selling items.

It’s a paradise for accessories at The Artisans Haven where there is a wide selection of gorgeous designs, shapes, patterns, colours and materials used.

Shop to your heart’s content, for the fashion accessories that bring out the style and chic in you, as well as all the positive vibes and energy flows.

Get Accessorized & a Make Over at The Artisans Haven https://bit.ly/36RMxmN

Visit the individual stores at The Artisans Haven:

- Asha's Handmade https://bit.ly/3iIYPTQ

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- Rekha Studio https://bit.ly/3zsVsaG

- Bead It By Sharma K https://bit.ly/3Br8E1o

- D'Lapis Lazuli https://bit.ly/3zsfvpt

- Tina Winness https://bit.ly/3zl4Flc

By Yap Leng Kuen, Chief Storyteller, The Artisans Haven


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