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Refresh and restyle your space

When we listen to “Take Me Home, Country Roads,’’ we are reminded of blue skies and the beautiful landscape around our childhood homes.

What about our current homes? Does the song also evoke the same sense of excitement and longing for us to be back home where, as the saying goes, our hearts are?

People sometimes look for fresh starts elsewhere, little realizing that it is from their homes that they can get new inspiration.

A quality piece of furniture, some new tiles or wall plaster, magic frames or some beautiful lights – these all bring renewed glow and life to the home.

Well-known for its picture frames, Asian Esteem is making its mark in design and creative wood products.

To start the year on a bright note, it is launching its artisan-made cheese cutting board, from forest stewardship council (FSC) certified Lithuanian pinewood; the cutting board can come in natural plain or oil treated form.

“This is a step forward for Asian Esteem,’’ said founder B.K. Ng. “Malaysia has many inert designers. We need to bring them out of their cocoons and show the world that we can create new designs.’’

At MML and SF Floormart, a wide selection of tiles reminds us that floor is underfoot; since it takes up a lot of space, the floor has a big impact on the aesthetic look of a home.

The type of flooring used can bring up different effects; it can make a space look cooler, warmer, larger, smaller, cosier or more luxe.

For a refreshed look, Rosa tiles at award-winning MML gently turns indoor spaces into a romantic façade, while luxury vinyl tiles come in a range of natural wood designs for stylish and durable flooring.

Consumers will be spoiled for choice, looking through the wide selection of warm, soothing colours of these luxury vinyl tiles that are environment friendly, easy to instal, water proof, fire and slip resistant and termite free.

For houses of 20 years and above, it may be time to change the flooring for a new look.

At SF Floormart, the solid wooden herringbone flooring pattern is popular; eye catching with its 90 degrees interlocking slats, this flooring pattern looks good in large sitting, dining rooms or long hallways.

Whether each room is classical or modern in style, consumers can select the finish and colour of the flooring pattern that  best suits the rooms.

The tongue and groove method of installation for this solid wooden herringbone flooring ensures that there are no visible gaps between any of the slats, resulting in a smooth surface from wall to wall.

For wall plaster painting, SF Floormat has three new products:

* Vellma, a decorative finish that can be burnished to a high gloss finish, giving a marble effect;

* Vellplas, a decorative coating with smooth satin finish, with a cement effect;

* Vellco, a ready mixed lime-based stucco which can be used for interiors or exteriors, giving a rough stone effect.

With the work-from-home norm, Jigs & Saw sees increased demand for aesthetically pleasing furniture that is also functional.

The Weston Display Shelf features solid pine wood and powder-coated steel, was built for a home office; its sturdy build can take the weight of books and files and large drawers used to lock away important documents.

The work-from-home norm has also revealed the need for a dedicated work space.

For those who may not have a spare room that can be turned into an office or study room, functional furniture such as The Principal’s Desk provides a comfortable and conducive space for working or studying.

Working from home may make it difficult for us to strike a work-life balance. Spending quality time by just watching TV with the family is important.

The Milton media console is a fine place for the TV; crafted out of solid white oak wood, it is given several coats of clear lacquer to allow the natural beauty of the wood to shine through.

Good lighting gives a home an ambience that is warm, cosy and comfortable.

At Seng Hup Lighting, there are creative ways of using lighting via its range of modern, classical to vintage lights.

Ambient lighting brightens up a space, while task lighting enhances its functionality and accent lighting gives a dramatic effect to dark spaces such as stairways.

A set of individual jewel glass pendant lamps in the dining room can add beauty to stylish homes, while table lamps in the living room exude warmth.

Floor lamps can also function as reading lights while the lights from wall lamps can be directed to angles where lighting should cascade.

Jigs & Saws build cabinets to last. The carcass of our cabinets are built using a type of solid wood with high pressure laminate (HPL). Size is customised according to your space. There are many more designs.

With many ides to brighten up our homes, we can take our time and select whatever suits our taste and budgets; the important thing is we make the move to refresh and renew.

By Yap Leng Kuen, Chief Storyteller, The Artisans Haven


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