Celebrating creativity and talent

This Merdeka will be significant as we strive to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, post vaccinations.

At The Artisans Haven Facebook LIVE last Friday, it is a time to celebrate creativity and talent, together with Malaysian award-winning artisans and artists.

Creating good tastes

Yummy handmade chocolates and healthy snacks from Cherita Chocolate.

“We want to cultivate the appreciation and value for good quality, artisanal products using local materials and ingredients.

“Artisans produce unique and personalized products, which reflect their character, skills and culture as well as their impact on society,’’ says Rizaini Mokhtar of Cherita Chocolate.

Most customers are unaware of the amount of effort that artisans put into their work; in the process, they face setbacks such as lack of manpower and marketing network.

In conjunction with the 64th Merdeka celebration, the Cherita team is offering an extra discount of 15% till August 31, 2021. (Whatsapp them at wa.me/+60196633463)

The Mid-Autumn Festival is in full swing at Sunshine Kingdom which had created over 60 types of durian-related products to sell to tourists.

In the absence of tourism-related activities due to Covid-19, Sunshine Kingdom is pushing its Musang King Mooncakes at a ‘super discounted’ price from RM138 to RM108 for six pieces x60gm.

Many retailers especially those in tourism-related areas are struggling, but Aesos Lai of Sunshine Kingdom says in his video ‘DREAM FILM – Be Positive, Move Forward:’

‘’Be prepared for the future, for the future is near. Stay positive … never give up.’’

“The public should support local talents so that they can go international,’’ adds Aesos who has won many international tourism and branding awards.

Sunshine Kingdom also has durian-related cookies, goodies and munchies as well as good tasting coffees for those working and staying at home.

Beauty in your Home

Appreciate the artworks of multi-talented artist Poesy Liang; winner of many humanitarian awards, Poesy draws inspiration from values of kindness, compassion and empathy.

She was paralysed twice, and in her quest to heal, turned to positive values that affirm our humanity in the face of suffering and challenges.

Her depiction of the Rooftop Cat that finally made it to the moon with a magic broom, is a creative portrayal and affirmation that dreams do come true, and her latest project called The Pirate’s Daughter underscores her message of loss, solace and redemption.

The Pirate’s Daughter, a huge installation housed at her private art space called Abundantia, depicts an underwater graveyard of a pirate’s plunder.

The maritime artefacts had been collected by Poesy’s late father, K.K. Leong, whose passing away was a ‘devastating loss,’ but will inspire her to pack up her ‘life baggage’ and put it into art.

“My father was the true artist in the family. He was madder than me. He was also sadder than me, and as I reinvent myself, his legacy will shine brighter than he has ever seen,’ says Poesy in her Facebook posting to mark her late Dad’s birthday on August 24, 2021.

So watch out for this next exciting chapter in Poesy’s artistic and creative journey.

Autistic painter Kirtanraw Subramaniam has always been a gifted artist.

According to his devoted Dad, Subramaniam Bandiloo, ‘to train Kirtanraw to this level has been a big challenge as he is differently abled, not like an ordinary person.’

“To own Kirtanraw’s art is very special; we can always be proud of the Kirtanraw art cause, as he is ‘special in a million,’” says Subramaniam.

Kirtanraw’s artworks can be spotted by his famous ‘swirl effect’ and vibrant colours that bring to life his depiction of nature and our surrounding environment.

Elegant floral arrangements, starting at affordable prices, from Sanyi Orchids brighten homes and hearts during this period of pandemic.

“They symbolize love, luxury and beauty. As they are not only elegant but also long lasting, they are ideal as gifts for birthdays, special occasions and also as wreaths,’’ says Soh Li Ling of Sanyi Orchids.

Sanyi Orchids has been running an orchid nursery and a florist shop for the past ten years; it does deliveries mainly to regular clients during this period of lockdown.

Sanyi Orchids specializes in the Phalaenopsis or moth orchids, a popular indoor species which has long lasting flowers.

It can be contacted at www.sanyiorchid.com or call +60129193314.

At Jadi Batek, traditional batik designs, always a favourite, has been transformed into artistic pieces to adorn homes.

Batik craftsmen spend hours, delicately drawing out the unique designs for table cloths, table runners, paintings, ornaments and soft toys.

“Artists produce beautiful artwork to make the world a better place and to improve the quality of life; the public should support them by buying their art pieces,’’ says Colin Yong of Jadi Batek.

Meanwhile, the Batik Merdeka Coloring Project at Jadi Batek provides a good, artistic pastime on this special holiday.

Batik DIY kits with the Merdeka theme are selling at RM20 per set, with buy ‘five free one set.’

Fine talents

Handsewn with skill and passion, the art and craft series at Little Moo Moo features, among many creative items, kuih and ketupat-inspired keychains and purses, cotton fabric plates, essential oil pouches, patchwork, kitchen gloves and baby clothing.

“The world of art and craft is a place to share ideas; with the convenience of online shopping, it is a wonderful time to explore and create something personal.

“My wish is to inspire people out there to tap into their creative abilities, no matter what their age group is.

“And your support will greatly motivate me to explore more new ideas,’’ sais Lee Lih Yeeng of Little Moo Moo.

Objects created by connecting and bending wires are common in furniture design, metal sculpting and wire jewellery.

At Beautiful Gate Foundation for the Disabled, members have taken up the challenge of taking these thin pieces of wire to intricately create tiny versions of musical instruments.

Place them on your favourite bookshelf, console table or any cosy corner of the room; they will ‘glow’ in appreciation of your support for the less fortunate in these hard times.

The differently abled at Community Excel Services (CES) would greatly appreciate public support to buy their embroidered cloth bags.

“Our members are proud to have learned how to embroider. Although they are differently abled, they too can have the dignity of earning their own living, if given the guidance and opportunity,’’ says Tracey Chan, co-ordinator at CES, which comes under S.T.A.R. (Special Needs, Training and Resources) Youth.

Differently abled people experience delays in the development of fine motor skills compared with normal people.

One of occupational therapies to improve fine motor skills of the differently abled, is through embroidery.

Fitter and happier

How many of us suffer from unwanted weight gain during the pandemic?

A poll by the American Psychological Association reveals that 61% of American adults reported undesired weight change during the pandemic, says The Conversation that publishes news stories written by academics and researchers.

The results, released in March this year, showed that 42% of the respondents gained unwanted weight - 29 pounds on the average - and nearly 10% of them gained more than 50 pounds.

At Harizon’s e-fitness center, certified and award-winning coach Herizon Ramli, will guide you on a structured and tailor-made weight loss program that includes muscle building for a fitter, stronger and trimmer you.

“My goal is to inspire my clients to achieve a healthy lifestyle; there is no easy way to get what they want and the results will speak for themselves,’’ says Harizon who has been a fitness coach and top trainer for the past 12 years.

Singing, dancing or acting can help to allay stress as people channel their feelings and stress via creative outlets.

Enfiniti Academy, the award-winning performing arts training center that is celebrating its 10th anniversary, has been honing multiple creative leaders, training them from as young as three years old until 60.

“Taking part in performing arts is crucial in a person’s self-development, be it in their emotional quotient (EQ), intelligence quotient (IQ) or social quotient (SQ).

“Right now, more than ever, we need public support so that more people can benefit from the magic created by the performing arts,’’ says award-winning singer/actress Tria Aziz who is also project co-ordinator of Enfiniti Academy.

The world of creativity and talent awaits you at The Artisans Haven.

So start your support with a good selection today.

By Yap Leng Kuen, Chieft Storyteller, The Artisans Haven


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