Love Yourself – Give Yourself A Treat

As you are rushing around to rebuild your business or catch up with your studies, just take a moment to look after yourself  and give yourself a little treat.

At The Artisans Haven, there are snacks and drinks that are delicious and healthy at the same time, while there are also items of personal care that can enhance your quality of life.

You can also spread the love with your friends and family through these gifts of love.

Elexia Naturals

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Enjoy the all-natural, wellness experience of Elexia Naturals, where products are free from harmful chemicals and helps you maintain beautiful and healthy skin.

Customers love the effectiveness of the Balms which are easy to apply; the products are also halal, kosher and vegan-friendly, except for the milk wash which has goat milk extract.

“Our Balms do not contain water, thus they’re more concentrated and effective; customers love how effective, gentle and soothing our range is,’’ says Mohamed Mullaji of Elexia Naturals.

To love yourself with these Balms:

  • Apply small quantities of the Wonder, Face and Baby Balms three to four times a day to moisturize the skin.

Massage well to ensure that the Balms are effective while the skin does not feel oily.

  • Use the Oleeva Milk Wash two or three times a day; add a little water onto a small amount of milk wash to form a foam, apply to your face and/or body and leave for a minute or two.

Wash off and rub off any dead skin; your skin will regain its glow and suppleness.

  • Massage the Essential Oil Blends gently onto both palms, then cup your hands and place them on your nose only; inhale and exhale, and enjoy the benefits of these premium, high grade essential oil blends.


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Stay safe with Eumicare, a natural and plant-based sanitizer.

Besides its refreshing natural scent, customers love its natural formulation that is without harmful chemicals, artificial fragrance, phthalate (which is believed to cause birth defects), bleach, quaternary ammonium compounds and benzalkonium chloride (that irritates the skin and eyes).

“It is safe on food-related items such as food deliveries and takeaways, cutlery and groceries,’’ says Yap Tit Sinn of Eumicare.

Before sanitising, make sure objects are well-covered; after sanitizing, leave the items to air dry or wipe with a clean cloth after 20 seconds.

My Kefir World

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Enjoy the luxurious creaminess of handmade Kefir soaps which are made from natural oils such as coconut, castor, palm oils as well as essential oils mixed with Milk Kefir.

“Try it and experience the difference!” says Wong Chai Youn of My Kefir World.

Kefir is milk that is fermented by more than 50 strains of good bacteria; it is a probiotic food that heals our gut and is good for the skin too.

Also treat yourself to the delicious and healthy Water Kefir, Kefir Ice-Creams and Kefir Smoothies (as these are chilled, they are only available for delivery around the Klang Valley).

Cookies Rocher by Solaacher

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Made from pure butter, Nestum cereal, plain flour, rich chocolate and golden crunchy peanuts, Cookies Rocher is an all-time favourite snack.

“It is suitable for all generations especially for people who want to go on a diet; free from preservatives, it is also eggless,’’ says Nurul Afiqah of Solaacher.

Customers share that they can’t ‘’stop eating after the first bite.’’

To some, it is a ‘solid’ cookie as they already feel full after taking just two or three.

“The taste of the cookies makes them feel ‘crunchy’ inside out,’’ quips Afiqah.

Jiu Ji Gong Brown Sugar Cube

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Made from pure cane sugar juice, these brown sugar cubes can be turned into a health-enhancing drink for all, and is the preferred drink of many customers.

The brown sugar cubes can be mixed with:

  • Greek yoghurt to reduce constipation;

  • Dried chrysanthemum to relieve heatiness;

  • Red dates and wolfberries to improve irregular menstruation;

  • Green tea to improve immunity, reduce edema and fatigue.

This product is not recommended for people with diabetes or high blood sugar levels.

Bliss Natural

A whole range of plant-based, natural skin and body care as well as cosmetics and therapeutic oils awaits you.

  • You can destress and have a peaceful time with aromatherapy oils such as Rose Geranium with its green, leafy and rosy aroma; add Bergamot or Mandarin essential oil for a softer note.

  • Pure, cold-pressed Argan Oil moisturizes beautifully, leaving your skin silky smooth.

  • Loaded with olive oil to leave skin soft and supple, Body Oil is enriched with wheatgerm oil to prevent skin from getting dry and flaky.

  • Refresh your skin with a Floral Clay Mask that also draws out impurities;

  • Relief Oil helps to rub away stomach issues such as constipation, gas from digestive tract and abdominal cramps;

  • Peppermint essential oil helps to boost air quality; with its powerful, minty scent, it has the ability to fight germs and bacteria.

  • For nice, moisturized lips, Lip Balm contains beewax, shea butter and other oils with a tinge of citrus oil.

A happy customer shares: “I really love the Argan Oil; it has fast healing on my scars, the level of absorption is high.

“And I normally apply Vitamin E and use the facial soap day and night; my skin is less oily.’’

VLUXE Age Reversal Drink by VINCE9 - Christy

A four-in-one health and beauty drink, it has whitening and anti-aging functions while enhancing gynaecological care.

“Best consumed before breakfast and sleep, it tastes good and is easy and convenient to drink.

“Suitable for vegetarians, it has two patented products as well as 13 natural ingredients that have been certified as safe foods,’’ says Tee Pei Jing of VINCE9 – Christy.

Its main ingredients are:

  • Kacip Fatimah; helps in solving hormone imbalance problems.

  • Snow lotus; improves blood circulation in cases of menstrual irregularities.

  • White tomato; well-known for skin brightening.

Breeze For You

Embrace the Outdoors.

Breeze through your next menstrual cycle with the Breeze menstrual cup on the go which is made from 100% medical grade equivalent silicone.

“Soft and easy to use, the Breeze container and Cup sterilizer also adds to your convenience.

“No more rashes … feels like any other day even though it’s their menstruation week,’’ says Alyssa Ng of Breeze For You.

Happy customers share that the product is “very clean … no leaks … the design is very handy and travel friendly.’’

To prepare the cup for use:

  • Sterilize the cup in the cup sterilizer for eight minutes.

  • Wash your hands with soap and think of all the good you will do (reduce waste and save money) by using menstrual cups.

  • Feel around the cup for any folds and push against the base of the cup to pop it open.


Relax for a while, sit back and treat yourself with products of good quality, natural beauty and goodness at The Artisans Haven.


By Yap Leng Kuen, Chief Storyteller, The Artisans Haven


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