A fun and memorable time

In the cycle of life, the period between childhood and adulthood is a wonderful time of bonding, nurturing and learning.

At The Artisans Haven, there’s an interesting range of products, activities and services specially catered for this age group.

They take your child through babyhood to youth, for a good and fun start to their precious lives.

Some of these Junior showroom items, going at 25% discount, were displayed at the Facebook LIVE by The Artisans Haven last Friday.

Here, we explore the rest of the offerings under the Junior and Youth theme.

Nurturing a positive mindset

The collection of more than 600 fine toys at Abbie & Friends is loved by children and youth, with the sense of familiarity and security that they provide in the growing years.

“They are also a source of emotional support and mental health,’’ says Chan Chi Leong of Abbie & Friends.

While the Jellycat range is very popular, youth will also buy soft toys that resonate with what they like to eat and drink, like the egg, avocado or coffee fine toys.

Natural Life is an inspirational product with happy messages and motifs derived from nature – sunshine, rainbow or magical creatures such as the unicorn.

“While they uplift the mood and build confidence in the child, these elements will also spark creativity and  further opportunities for discovery,’’ says Rosalie Lin of Natural Life Malaysia.

Through art and craft, DIY art kits from CreaTee Kit encourages communication and bonding between parents and children as well as learning and development.

“Parent and child talk to each; there is laughter and joy, and memories are made of such moments together.

“Children may not remember what we said but will always remember how we made them feel,’’ says Mazura Illani Mahshoor of CreaTee Kit.

Atom & the Dot activity boxes help to put back the fun back into the lives of the young ones, who are now stuck at home due to the pandemic.

“The activity boxes are jam-packed with fun activities and learning materials.

“There aren’t many exciting things to do at home and parents are also running out of ideas on how to keep their children entertained, other than using screen time,’’ says Teoh Jin Hui of Atom & the Dot.

Young and stylish

Children and youth are happy and confident to use backpacks with trendy designs from I Love KL.

“KL bags are cool and stylish, of a nice size and easy to maintain,’’ says Aesos Lai of I Love KL.

Inspired by Bao Bao Issey Miyake, the backpacks in matt and gloss finishing, come in modern polygon and geometric shapes.

Youth will also like the glow-in-the-dark Spider T-shirts, also under Aesos, of soft quality 100% cotton; for best ‘glow effect,’ expose the T-shirt under sunlight.

Batik at Kapas Kids for the most important generation – the children.

“Designed for the active child in mind, the strong colours at Kapas Kids match the energy of the children who are our future generation,’’ says Sarah Wong of Kapas Kids.

Hand-painted and hand-printed on cotton, Kapas Kids apparel is comfortable for children’s wear in our humid weather.

Embroidered cloth bags from Community Excel Services (CES) make a nice gift and is convenient for storing various small items.

A happy Mom related of how her daughter looks forward to break time in school, when her classmates and teacher would give her the thumbs-up for her pretty CES bag, filled with sandwiches and snacks.

“Another young lady who got an earful from her Mom on her cables, laptop and charger lying around, started seeing sparks of joy on her Mom’s face, after she used this bag to store her things,’’ says Tracey One of S.T.A.R. (Special Needs Training & Resources) Youth, which is under CES.

Childhood and going to school should be a joyful time.

Tassiny’s colourful range of school backpacks has attracted children, not just in the Ampang area (where its shop is located at Spectrum Mall) but from surrounding areas in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya.

Set up twenty years ago, Tassiny has served two generations of parents; the younger set of parents now bring their children to shop from its specialized range of school backpacks and uniforms.

Healthy start

Happy Mom Happy Baby

“Mothers love the healthy baby food from Izzly; it gives them a break when it comes to cooking, and has no added sugar, salt, preservatives or colouring,’’ says Nurul Asyikin Mohd Ariff of Izzly.

“I was cooking a lot after my first child; when the second child came, I thought of a convenient way of preparing baby food; that’s how I started manufacturing Izzly baby foods,’’ adds Nurul.

Among the happy feedback – “My two-year old still loves Izzly porridge which he started taking since he was six months old.’’

“My baby finished all his porridge … it is so smooth and helps him to eat well.’’ – The Mom sent a picture of her baby with the empty yellow plate.

Healthy children grow up well on Benetips Goat’s Milk which aids in digestion, development of the brain, and protection of the heart.

“Benetips Goat’s Milk Powder contains more than 30 types of multivitamins and minerals to support the body’s processes,’’ says Ng Yin Wee of Yin Medic.

Upon purchase of any Benetips Goat’s Milk Powder product, customers will receive the Benetips mosquito repellent band.

“A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world” – Akarana Baby.

Let your babies and toddlers enjoy special moments of their childhood with Akarana, home to high quality baby products.

The Aroha II portable playard, bassinet and diaper changer is an elegantly designed baby crib that grows with your baby beyond toddlerhood.

Parents tag Akarana on their Instagram, with their babies lying cozily on the Tuhinga baby lounger: “The view (of their twin babies) that I look forward to every morning;” “my little princess … my darling … my sweetheart …”

Made from soft and comfortable fabric … babies love their sleep buddies from Little Baby Buds, they fall asleep hugging them.

“Baby sleep buddies are like pacifiers and loyal friends that babies find comfort in,’’ says Chan Yeng Yeng of Little Baby Buds.

Baby sleep buddies are on sale at Little Baby Buds, at RM68.90 per piece, and RM127 for two; baby comfort towels as well as soft and comfy pyjamas are also available.

Fruitful years ahead

While the performing arts helps to develop imagination and creative thinking, super-fun activities like singing, acting and dancing also help to boost immunity.

“We create a safe space to channel our expression and emotions in an artistic and positive way,’’ says Joanna Bessey of Enfiniti Academy, a performing arts training center.

Training in the performing arts has helped Ahmed Faris who has Aspergers syndrome; in an Instagram posting, his Dad Farouk shared that Faris’ two-year stint in Enfiniti Academy has helped him in his writing and acting, and will be a good start for Faris’ journey into the creative arts industry.

A new coaching program for 13-19 year-old students is now available at Scholarships2U; at RM250 per month, it offers a personal development program, personality assessment and English & Maths proficiency assessment.

Among the students whom Scholarships2U has helped, Lau Jie Fei, Abbey College, UK, says: “Scholarships2U gave me the opportunity to study A-levels in the UK, which has been a dream of mine.’’

From Yo Yo Ji, Dwi Emas International School, Malaysia: “I’m very happy with my school … everyone is like a family. I do enjoy my school life now, and it is all thanks to Scholarships2U.’’

From Mohammad Jazli Adam, St. David’s College, UK: “I promise I would try to make the best out of this opportunity and hopefully, get awesome results for my A-levels.’’

From childhood to student days, HotPrint Station sees the kids through, with its personalized prints and designs on their party packs, birthday cards, posters, T-shirts, mugs and souvenirs.

Personally designed by Tan Guat Sim, a graphic designer herself, children initially enjoy these special items at their parties, and later, use them as gifts to show gratitude, friendship and appreciation.

Apart from taking care of the mental and psychological needs of the young ones, we should also ensure that the home is safe and secure.

At Swings, which provides professional security services to homes, and helps you get in touch with your baby while you’re out, “a house without security services cannot be a home; your safety and security is among Swing’s highest priorities,’’ says Chew Yee Sang, of Swings.

Home is where the heart is, it is also where you and your children feel most secure.

Childhood and youth should be filled with exciting moments of fun, discovery and creativity.

Enjoy browsing through the rich variety of Junior and Youth products, activities and services on The Artisans Haven.

Start your journey of discovery now.

By Yap Leng Kuen, Chief Storyteller, The Artisans Haven


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